Why we are born akashic Records

Mamta Rajshree
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What are Akashic Records?

Why we are born? We are born so that we will not have to be born again. The ultimate purpose of life.
Why we are born
There are no coincidences in life. Nothing is by chance. Everything that you experience in this life is a direct manifestation of the vibrations that you already hold in your energy repository. Every action, sound, and event occurred in any past or present lives are deposited in the divine repository. Such records may be associated with a single soul life referred to as soul records or life records while records associated with a certain event of a group or groups (records of Mahabharta) is referred to as Akashik records.

Human is a microcosm of macrocosm God. As every single Soul’s repository keeps all the records of all its past lives same supreme soul keeps all the records of each and every one in his repository. These records reveal time to time in many forms like dreams, events, accidents, diseases, fortunes, misfortunes, etc., and make the destiny of a soul and a place (e.g. Bhangarh Fort). Here, in this text the focus is on the soul records.

Akashic Records and their manifestation

Akashic can be visible in the following forms

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Various sights like the sight of some rituals, marriages, traumas, accidents, etc., reveal in the dreams and in thought process. Before becoming true in the life these sights are forced by nature to surface and present in the dreams or in the thought process and give alerts.
Sounds associated with important past life events, sometimes surface in the dreams, thoughts, slip of pen, and slip of tongue to give notifications to the person.
Some past actions associated with important events become visible in the thought process, dreams, slip of pen and slip of tongue in day to day activities. Sometimes these memories force a person to do alike activities.

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How we can access Akashic Records?

These life or akashic records can be accessed by the divine grace with the guidance of expert teachers with or without the meditation. In the deep meditation yogies can view all the divine records whether the records of their life or someone else life. They can also view and hear the records of a particular event like war, marriage, love and death, etc. Devotees can also access the akashic records without the meditation in their concious mind very clearly.

What is the need to access Akashic Records?

Life is not an accident. Everything you experience is a direct manifestation of vibrations you already have in your energy body. Your past is your precious treasure as without knowing your past you cannot understand the following:

Who you are?
Why you came in this life?
Why your parents and children are such like that?
Why you are suffering in a particular disease?
Why you are suffering in poverty?
Why you got a disabled child and many more as the life may be.

In addition, you can understand the right track of your life. Ultimately, soul records helps in getting the meaning of life and to know the true purpose of your life. Your soul records can solve all your puzzles.

Nature of Soul Records

Soul records keep the entire history of your soul life since the dawn of creation.
Soul records connects each one of us to another
They contain the stimulus for every mythical story repeatedly come and reflect in your behavior.
They are the motivation of your dreams and inventions.
They draw us toward and repel us from one another.
They shape consciousness and guide the individual journey
They transform you from an ordinary being to the best one.

Akashic records are like astral internet. Knowing soul records is very exciting and priceless and it helps in resolving each and every puzzle of life. Akashic Records guide you to make your life brighter, set the purpose of life, ensure and enlighten the future path.

It helps in resolving following issues:


It gives you the meaning of each and every relationship you are currently holding. It tells why you are spending money and serving some one. Why you are wasting money in the diseases of your dependents. Why some one came in your life as your partner, son, daughter, brother, sister, father and mother, and a close friend etc. It supports in managing and take caring relationships effectively.


Money is a crucial issue. Every one is busy in collecting the money and running after the money. However, in the end everything will be left here and one has to go empty handed. In the next life again one has to collect the money in the same manner and the process is infinite. Then what is the use of this huge storage of money and taking so much pain in earning the money if every thing will be left here.


Everyone is busy in his/her pains and stresses. However, in fact, there is nothing to take so much stress if everything is pre planned and destined. Nothing is in your hands except good thoughts and actions. Fruit of action is not in your part.

Cleaning past traumas

All are suffering due to the past actions particularly bad actions, but all we are ignorant about them. Past wrong doings create stress, depression and as a consequence symptoms become visible in the form of physical diseases too. When you know the exact wrong doing responsible for your today’s problem, stress starts to release and physical symptoms starts to disappear. It is always healing to know past traumas in order to release present troubles whether mental or physical.

Remove doubts

Sometimes, some people are in doubts about the past life and results of the past life and suffer in pain and sorrow. Akashic records remove the doubts and clear the cause of present sufferings. Sometimes, we see that a person work hard, but does not get the desired outcome while another person gets the more than the desire in very less effort. The root of all these are in the Akashic records.

Inherent Talents

Most of the persons have some inherent talents learned in some past life. These inherent skills can be revealed and further enhanced by unfolding the soul records.

Lightens life path

It enlightens the present life path and gives a meaning and purpose to a life. It clears the future path of a person. In fact, your soul records give you a new thinking to reach on higher level of consciousness.

“Never let your trust to be suppressed by the intellectual’s claim for evidence. Never wait for evidence, trust and then let the truth to reveal.”

–Mamta Rajshree

“This is the trust only that manifests God in the stones.” In fact, everything lies within you, the need is to faith it, explore it and enjoy it.

–Mamta Rajshree

So be divine, be enlightened

with love, light and peace


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