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Being chased in dream — Dreams are the symbols which indicates about the events that either already occurred in your life or may occur in the near future.

Chasing someone in a dream or being chased by someone in a dream both are different and have different interpretations. Some common dreams in which you see that someone is chasing you in dream are discussed here-

Being chased in a dream by a man

If you see a dream in which you feel that someone is chasing, it means that you are avoiding real life issues that you don’t like. This shows your avoidance tendency. If you have not confidence to face an unpleasant event than you may see such dreams.

So, be confident in real life, face the event boldly and take right action. Avoiding a situation is not a solution of a problems.

These dreams show your anxiety and stress.

Being chased by group of people in dream

If you are running due to fear and feeling that people are chasing you, it means you are not ready to accept changes in life. These dreams indicate your inner fear due to changes in life.

So, introspect yourself find the things which you are not ready to accept in life. Accept real life and its challenges to stay away such kinds of dreams.

If you are overloaded from work, then also these dreams disturb you. Try to balance work and health both to be happy and peaceful.

If you are unrest due to your environment, you may see such dreams. You want peace of mind so balance your life. Make your timetable to handle the work and routine life.

Being chased in dream by a snake meaning

If you are running in dream due to seeing yourself being chased by a snake, it may have two meanings-

Observe your life and surroundings take precautions to protect you.

In both the situations visit to nearby temple of Lord Shiva offer water to Shivalinga and ask for guidance.

If such kind of dreams creating fear, and stress in your mind, it means some past life curse is there and disturbing you. In this life the time came to end the curse. The energy associated with the curse have come on the surface of your sub conscious mind and disturbing you.

You can find the answer of these kind of problems through the prayers. With trust ask to universal energy to save you and protect you. Ask repeatedly and you will get the answer from the universal power.

Being chased by a Dog in dream

Being chased by a dog in dream indicates that you are facing some conflicting situation in real life and feeling tension. You are in anxiety and confused in taking decision. Such kind of dream is temporary and over when you solve the real life problem.

Being chased by a dog in a dream may be an indication of disappointment in love affairs.

But if a dog bites you in dream it means your problems will be over soon but stress will remain continue for a few days.

Being chased by a bull in dream

If you are chased by a bull in dream it means soon you will get more money in life. You may get more profit in your business.

If you are in a job and see the dream it means your salary may be increased soon or you may get promotion.

Bull is a symbol of prosperity and peace. Being chased by a bull in a dream is a good dream.

Being chased by a tiger in dream

If you see a tiger is chasing you in dream it means you may have difficult life in the near future. You may have family related issues. You may problems in job if you are in a job. If you are doing business and see such dream, it means you may have problems in business.

Being chased by a tiger is not a good dream. If these kinds of dreams come to you, be more smart and vigilant in life. Take right decision at right to manage your life intelligently.

Being chased by a Black Lion in dream

Being chased by a black lion in dream is not a good dream. It means you may have bad relations with someone that will create great trouble in life. Your enemy is not a common man but a big trouble for you.

If the color of lion is other than the black and you are chased by the lion, it means also the same. You may have difficult time in the future. Be alert and take decision consciously.

Being chased by a Elephant in dream

Being chased by an elephant in dream shows your level of confidence. It means you are not confident to face the challenges of your life. Be more confident and smart to handle life issues with confidence.

Being chased by a Bear in dream meaning

Being chased by a bear in dream is a normal dream if you are ignoring life problems. The dream warns you and force you to face the issues and resolve them otherwise the issues will be more difficult in the future. To stay in peace don’t ignore problems of your life.

Being chased in dream repeatedly

If you see repeatedly that someone is chasing you in dream and you are feeling fear due the dream, it means some past life unresolved issues are there in your energy centers and the energy is disturbing you.

This may be connected to your past life event. To find the answer of the dream, visit to some past life regression therapist and find the solution of your problems.


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