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Umbilical cord plays its role through out the soul life; before the birth, after the birth and after the death. Umbilical cord is an important cord from spiritual and physical both the point of views. Baby receives all the food from the mother via this umbilical cord before birth. The cord is separated from the mother after the birth, but not only in the physical world but also in the spiritual world its value remains continue. In addition to the physical nourishment that can be received from the physical world via naval point, spiritual nourishment is also received from the Cosmos throughout the life via this umbilical cord same as baby receive food from the mother before the birth. The place of umbilical cord is Nabhi Chakra or Manipura Chakra. Following figure shows 7 chakras reside in the body, their purposes and the reasons why they are blocked.

Umbilical cord an interface between Cosmos and Body

Nabhi is a vibrant organ constantly remain align with the cosmos in order to heal the body. Keep in mind this healing can only be achieved in the human life, not in other life or even not in the subtle life. Hence, the human life is so important. Subtle energies can be inserted into the body via nabhi centers and also can be prevented to enter into the human body via Nabhi center. This is the meeting point of 72000 nerves scattered in the body. Physical nourishment can be obtained using various types of oils. Apply particular oil on the nabhi part to get cure from the particular diseases.

Person can get relief and healing from subtle disorders like Ghost or spirit troubles, by applications of energized water from mantras on the naval point. Not only this, but negative energy can be prevented to harm the body by application of energized water of mantras on naval point. Naval (nabhi) is one of the very important centers other than the eyes, nose, mouth, palm, and head, used to heal the patient suffering from subtle energies.

Umbilical cord after life

Naval point or “Nabhi” is directly linked with the subtle body. Subtle body is a permanent body similar to temporary physical body. This temporary body is destroyed during death but subtle body remains as it is after the death too. It leaves the physical body and goes to the astral world to search new physical body in order to discharge energies stored in the energy centers.

What is Manipura Chakra?

Nabhi or Manipura Chakra

Manipura energy center is the third energy center from the base energy center or “Muladhara chakra”. It is located within the spinal cord or “Sushumna Nadi”, in the naval (Nabhi) region. This has its corresponding centre in the human body called solar plexes which controls over the liver, stomach, face, eyes, lips, skin, etc. From Nabhi Chakra emanate ten Yoga nerves ( Nadis) look like the petals of a lotus flower.

Within this chakra there is triangular in form space called Agni Mandala or fire region. Its deity is Vishnu. This Chakra corresponds to Svah or Svarga Lokas. Its corresponding physical part is Solar Plexus in the physical body.

Yogi concentrates on this chakra and gets Patala Siddhi. With this siddhi yogi can attain hidden treasures and becomes free from all the physical, mental and subtle diseases. Such yogi becomes free from the fear of fire. Even if he or she is thrown into the flux of burning fire, he or she remains alive without the fear of death, say “Grahan Sanhita”. Bliss and healing from the cosmic energy can be achieved via meditation and concentration through the “Nabhi chakra”.

Nabhi is as important in the body as the Sun in the World. Ravan has nectar in his Nabhi. Therefore, King Vibhishan informed Shri. Ram about the nectar placed in the naval of Ravana. To kill him it is essential to remove the nectar. Shri. Ram first dried the nectar and then killed the Ravana.

Umbilical Cord or Naval a Second Brain

The navel point is also referred to as the second brain known as solar plexus. The work that our brain does is supported by the solar plexus. That is why when stomach is disturbed, mind also gets anxiety and chaos.

A person practicing yoga has a blossomed solar plexus like an orange while a person don’t practicing yoga have a solar plexus smaller in size. Yoga and meditation increase the size of solar plexus.

In Hinduism Lord Vishnu is depicted lying down, and a lotus comes out of his navel, followed by Brahma. Creation came later; first the strength to nurture was born. In Hinduism, Vishnu is considered to be the sustainer of the universe and Brahma is considered as the creator of the universe.

Benefit of applying oil on the naval point

Application of mustard oil on naval point cure knee pain, joints pain and cracked lips. Application of almond oil on naval point gives shine on the face. Apply few drops of alcohol on the naval point to cure cold and flue. Apply few drops of brandy on naval point to cure menstrual pain. Apply few drops of neem oil on naval point to cure acne. Apply few drops of coconut oil on naval point to improve fertility. In order to get soft and silky skin, apply few drops cow butter on naval point.

Be stay blessed and be enlightened

With love, light and peace

Originally published at on July 27, 2017.



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