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Soul mates and twin flames both are entirely different entities. However, both are divine entities. Soul mates are the people who accompany you from one life to another life due to some debts. While twin flames are your divine counter parts.

What soul mates mean?

Soul mates meaning — Soul mates are the people who accompany you from one life to another life due to various kinds of debts.

Soul mates as its name suggests are group of people who join you in the current life due to past debts. They pay the debt and leave you in the current life if the debt is over but in case if the debt is not over in the current life time period they may meet you in the next life or after the next life to balance the energy present in you and in the person.

Soul mates may come in your life in the form of any kind of relationship that is most suitable to pay the previous debt.

Soul mates meaning in different relationships

Soul mates may be your-

Soul mates may join you in the good relationship and they may come in your life just to give pains and sufferings. What type relationship will be with you it depends on the past life debts?

In every life you join the soul mates groups, pay the past debts and balance the stored energy, and also you create new soul mates through your Karma and these new soul mates comes again in your life to pay the debt you collected in the current life. The cycle is infinite no end except the liberation.

Types of Soul mates and the types of Debts

Soul mates may have as many types as you can imagine in your life. Soul mates may join you in various kinds of relationships due to various types of debts.

Generally following types of debts are there.

Soul mates and Debt related to service

If someone cares you and served you in your need and crises, then you become indebted against him or her until not performed the same kind of support and care to the same person in the same life or in other future life.

For example if you cared a lot to a person. That person may be your tenet, your neighbor, your student or in any other relation. Now to give the same kind of love, affection and service the person has to come again in your life.

Now the person may be your child, brother, sister or servant. The person surely comes in your life again in the same or future life in the relationship that is best to pay the collected debt.

Similarly, if you behave badly against someone, and you rebuke someone in the current life, the person will definitely join your company and behave against you the same as you did.

If you kill someone in the current life, the person will definitely come back to kill you. There is no excuse. Karma never forgets its address.

Like a shadow they follow their counter energy from one life to another life until not discharge their collected energy.

True story of soul mates

There was a lady who was very much disappointed from her mother in law. She visited to a past life therapist to find the reason why her mother in law behave so badly with her. The therapist does the past life regression and found that the mother in law was her maid in her past life and the lady behaved very badly with her maid.

Now in the current life the maid joins the lady as her mother in law and behaved in the same way as she did in the past life.

This lady and her mother in law are soul mates, and hence accompany each other to balance the accumulated energy.

This is very good law of nature in this way both the person discharge accumulated energy and become free from each other.

The life is echo, everything come back to you.

Soul mates and Debt related to money

If you stolen money of someone the same person will come in your life again to take back the money. Now the person may join you as your son, daughter, brother, etc. And take back all his money that you stolen in some past life.

It makes no difference whether the incident is remembered to you and your soul mate but the nature remember everything and balance its energy.

Soul mates and Debt related to love

If you love someone, but you depart from your beloved due to any reason the same person will definitely join you in the next life or next to next life to return your love to you.

Sometimes more than two souls or group of souls involved in some event now in the next life the same group of souls accompany you to pay the debts.

Soul mates and Debt related to emotions

If you involve emotionally in some relationship whether good or bad the counter energy again joins you in the future to return you the same emotions.

What are twin flames?

Twin flame may be your soul mates but soul mates need not be your soul mates. Twin flames is your exact counter energy while soul mates are group of people that accompany you life after life to pay the debts.

Twin flames are divine counter parts. These two energies are two halves of an energy as Shree Radha and Shree Krishna, Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati.

Sometimes these two divine counter parts depart due to curse, due to learn the lessons of life and after completing the soul purpose they again united and liberated from the world.

Shree Radha and Lord Krishna both are two halves of one energy. They departed due to the cures of a saint in Gauloka. They incarnated on the earth, complete the curse and return back to their home Gauloka.

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati separated many times and after completing the soul lessens they again united.


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