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Spirit Animals — Parrot Symbolism, Dreams and Message — Parrot is a beautiful green bird. Parrot is a very intelligent and vocal bird. Parrot is expert to learn the spoken words.

Parrot hears the words and recites the spoken words and speaks the words as it is. Parrot is capable to understand other feelings and also to show their feelings before the people who loves and care the parrot.

Parrot is a spirit animal as it influences the people who surround the parrot. It impacts positively as well negatively it all depends on the place where you keep a parrot in your house.

Important features of Spirit animals Parrot

Parrot symbolism is as below-

  • Parrot is known for its love and affection, honesty, good luck and long life.
  • Parrot increase love and affection in the couples if they keep their picture in pair in the bed room
  • Beautiful green parrot bird symbolizes earth, fire, water, metal and wood. If there is deficiency of any of the things in the house parrot is capable to balance these elements.
  • Never keep parrot in a cage it is harmful for your house and life because no bird want to be in cage.

Parrot is a love bird

Parrot is a symbolism of love this is why Lord Krishna gifted a beautiful bird as a wedding gift to Lord Radha.

The name of the bird was “Shuka”, latter known as “Shuka deva” who wrote the most religious holy scripture of Hinduism — “shrimad bhagwat”. This Shuka lives with Radha and witnessed the spiritual love of Radha and Krishan and mentioned in the “shrimad bhagwat”.

There is temple of Rishi Shukadeva in Shukrataal in UP, India. There is big ancient tree in the temple where parrots come and sit on the tree. People visit the temple see the parrot there. The scripture is rich in day to day knowledge. It gives spiritual knowledge to its reader.

Parrot dream meaning

Dream of parrot is generally auspicious if the dreamer feels happy while seeing the dream. Important dreams of parrot and there meanings are as below-

Parrot dream gives a lot in your life such as-

Pair of Parrot dream meaning

Seeing pair of parrot dream is very good for a happy married life. It gives love and happiness in life of the couple.

Not only dream but picture of pair of parrots is also auspicious in house to improve love and happiness in a married life.

Talking with a parrot in dream meaning

Talking with a parrot in dream is not a good dream it symbolizes dishonesty of someone close in life. Be careful if you see such kind of dream.

Attack of a parrot in dream meaning

It is not a good dream. It means someone close may cheat you in the near future.

Harming or killing a parrot in dream

Harming a parrot or killing a parrot is not a good dream. It means you may be harmed by someone in the near future.

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