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What is having an ego or What is Ego

Ego, I, or “Ahankar” all are the same. This ego or “I” is energy, the seed of reincarnation or life and death. The circumference of Ego is strong as well as very big. This ego includes the following:

What is an example of ego

  • The feeling of revenge
  • Anger and lust
  • Your Dreams and desires
  • Feeling of Love and affection for spouse, lover, friends, and children, etc
  • Liking, disliking, Interests and choices
  • Greed for wealth, goods, house, money and to be richer
  • Prestige issues and much more similar thoughts and feelings

What is body or Physical body?

This physical body is a vehicle given to this ego energy or your subtle body to enjoy the fruits of Karma and also to suffer due to the results of the bad Karma.

What is Soul? Soul Meaning

Basically, soul or supreme soul is absolute consciousness. It makes everything conscious to run the play of the world.



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