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Mamta Rajshree
3 min readApr 30, 2023


Penguin dream — Penguin is a beautiful bird. It is known for being loyal and dedicated to their friends and partner. Penguin is considered a symbol of hope because they live in some of the harshest environments on Earth and continue to thrive.

They symbolize so many qualities that all of us should have. Although most of us don’t recognize it yet. Penguins are swimmer and they can dive till 1000 ft in the water. In their community penguin is popular for their loyalty, beauty, and intelligence.

Seeing penguin in dream is auspicious in all the cultures. But what else you see in your dream is also important while doing interpretation of dreams. Also, what kind of emotions you emit in your dream is also considered important.

Some common dreams and their interpretation are discussed below-

Seeing a penguin in dream alone

If you see a single penguin in your it means you may go on a long journey in the near future. Particularly, a kind of journey that you can enjoy a lot.

Seeing a group of penguins

Seeing a group of penguins in dream indicate joining friendship of new people in the near future and these new friends will be loyal in your life.

Seeing a dead penguin or killing a penguin in dream

Seeing a dead penguin in dream is not a good dream. Also killing a penguin in dream is also inauspicious. Such dreams indicate either some kind of loss in your work or obstacles in life.

Seeing flying penguin in dream

If you see that a penguin is flying in dream or try to fly in dream it means this is the right time for you to start your new work. Now you can give a concrete shape to your imaginations and ideas.

Seeing penguin on beach

Seeing a penguin on a beach or group of penguins on beach is a good dream. It signifies change in your life through your honesty and determination.

Now, you can start your new business to earn more. Also, you can do your present work a new shape to make your business better. Show more sincerity and determination for your work to be prosperous and rich.

Seeing penguin and snow in dream

If you see penguin and snow both it means you need more strength and confidence to do your work. The dream indicates that you have to work hard with greater strength and confidence.

Dream of penguin chasing you

If you dream that penguin is chasing you it means you are surrounded by the people who may frustrate you and disturb you. Be strong, introspect your life and attitude to face the new people.

Seeing a big size penguin in dream

If you see a big penguin in your dream, it means you are strong enough to face challenges that are coming in your life. But the need is to trust in your conscious to be success in life.

Seeing dream of penguin in water

It is a good dream. It means that this is a wonderful time in your life when you can enjoy great peace in life. This is a beautiful time, enjoy it.

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