How to Avoid Committing Suicide

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye to your present life,

the life will greet you with a new Hello in the next life”

Suicide prevention quotes

There are times in life when we might feel helpless, completely hopeless and disappointed to cope with present life trauma. It may be due to long-lasting disease, break up with some loved one or any other indispensable lose. It can seem like there is no solution of problems except to commit suicide.

You are not alone, many of us have had such thoughts at some time in life. Keep in mind suicide does not solve any problem. It only makes the problem infinitely worse. No doubt your pain is too severe to heal up easily. But you can try to overcome it. Don’t raise your pain by involving repeatedly in depressing thoughts. Come out from the stress and anxiety. Suicide is not a cure from any life trauma. It is in fact, one more wrong action against your soul life. By committing suicide you will add one more chapter of pain in your soul life, which again you have to repay in some future life.

Suicide prevention quotes

Joe and woe are parts of life. Crises and pains come in everyone’s life, but don’t lose your courage. You can only do the best but the result is not in your hands. The result is in the hand of destiny. What we are facing here all are the results of our actions only did in some past life. So, don’t try to give up your life. Life is very precious. This is a one time gift. Don’t waste it like this. Moreover, what you are facing is not unique in the world. There are so many people in the world that already gone through this pain. The world is full of Miseries and traumas. Don’t weaken yourself. Be strong as ever .

Suicide prevention quotes

Suicide is not the remedy at all of the hurts. It adds one more pain in soul life.

In fact, the life is given to you by almighty God, to release the energy of pains and pleasures already deposited in your energy centers due to your past deeds. The pain what you are feeling today is the energy coming out from your energy centers which was deposited earlier via your some wrong actions. Take it as an opportunity given to you by God to release the negative energy to make your future life better and brighter.

First of all, stop to think about suicide. It is a sin against nature and against you too. There are so many things in which you can involve yourself to keep away from the thoughts of trauma, pain, and suicide.

Don’t sit idle at all. In accordance with your circumstances and capabilities find out some tasks of your choice.
Be social. Make trust-worthy friends, talk with them involve with them without the discussion of your pain.
If you have interest you can join some hobby courses like playing, swimming writing, reading, singing, painting, etc.
If your circumstances allow, you can do some task for benefit of others like social service.
If you wish you can search a job for you to keep you busy.
Involve yourself in some creative work. Creativity relaxes brain muscles and relieves you from the stress.
You can take some medicines too to heal yourself for a short duration.

If you are feeling suicidal, probably you are suffering from depression and anxiety which is 100% curable. You can consult with a counselor or a doctor. Depression causes a chemical imbalance in the body. Alike other diseases, medicines can be taken in depression too. Taking medicine is not a big issue but dying by suicide is really the biggest issue. Also, suicide is not an alternative to getting relief from any pain, because you need to be alive to feel relief from the pain.

To heal a wound you need to stop touching it. There is nothing in the world that can’t be healed by time. Time teaches us to forget and forgive and go beyond the trauma that has happened. It is due to the passing of time only that we come out from the most difficult days and stand again with new energy and enthusiasm.

Suicidal thoughts are generally developed in the introvert type of people who think much and remain idle. This is the dark side of introvert tendency but on the bright side these people are highly creative people, says Science. They can go to any extent in creativity. Such people must involve themselves in some jobs inclined to creativity like poetry, writing, singing, drawing, painting, gardening etc.

Suicide is an end of physical life only made up of clay, sky, water, fire and air. Suicide is not a complete end of a life. When a soul leaves the body, soul carries the subtle body with it and transmitted into a new body with the subtle body to further release the negative energy. There is no escape at all from the negative energies deposited in the energy centers except to face and release them whether you release in the current life or in some future life.

Suicide is a crime against the law of nature. By doing suicide you add more negative energy in the energy centers which you have to face in forthcoming lives. So, it is better to discharge the negative energy in the current life only.

Life is so much easier when you keep in mind that what other people think of you is none of your job. Stay strong and believe in who you are.

With Love, Peace and Light,

Suicide prevention quotes

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