How does a Soul enter into a womb?

How does a soul enter into a womb?

A human is a composition of two bodies: Physical Body and Subtle Body. In its true sense, both the bodies are energy bodies. But a physical body can be seen by the physical eyes and subtle body can’t be seen by two physical eyes. To know the answer to the question it is required to know the human composition first.

What is the meaning to be a human?

A human is made up of five temporary sheaths — Annamaya koshas, Pranamaya koshas, Manomaya koshas, Vijnanamaya koshas, and Anandamaya koshas. Annamaya koash or food sheath is one that remains left in this physical world after the death of a living being and offered to the fire by the family members. Rest of the four sheaths the cause of next birth, go to the subtle world after death according to the stored Karmas. It is necessary to perform all the cremation ceremonies properly after death in order to make the subtle journey peaceful and prevent the subtle body to become a ghost.

Human Journey after death

After the thirteenth day of the death when all the rituals have completed rest of the four bodies go to the subtle world and enjoy the fruits according to the stored past Karmas. The duration of this period can be very large to very small according to the Karmas. When all the fruits that need to be discharged in the subtle form, are discharged then rest of the four bodies (subtle living being or “Jeeva”) starts his journey of rebirth for this mortal world according to one of the destined forms of 84 lacks Yonies. In which of the “Yoni” the “Jeeva” will rebirth it depends on the last most thought of the Jeeva of its past life.

Cosmic galaxies and subtle bodies

The “Jeeva”, in a very deep sleep, rests in the sky galaxies of the Cosmos (Brahmand) until the rebirth. During the process of rebirth the “Jeeva” fall to the earth via rain, enter into the plants through the water. Some of them may enter into animals when animals consume the plants and fruits. Some may enter directly into a male body when the male consumes the fruits or animals. This all works as according to the Karma of the Jeeva. Jeeva remains trapped in the cycle of life and death whether the “Jeeva” is human or animal. The process is infinite and remains to continue until the liberation.

The Law of Karma

No one can escape from the hands of Karma. So, always collect the karmas which are good in the physical world as well as after the physical world. The inhabitant of the body or “Jeeva” after coming in the body tie with Karma, says Shiv Purana.

A journey of a Jeeva from sky galaxies to a Womb

Jeeva first finds its father who is best suited according to its Karmas and then finds mother that is best suitable to discharge its stored Karmas. Jeeva enters into the men via food. Food consumed by men transformed into blood. Blood is filtered and then transformed into semen and then goes to a mother’s womb in order to take birth as a child. This child may have past history of life or may not. If the child has some past history it recollects the past history otherwise enjoy life as a fresh consciousness. But once born it automatically trapped into the cycle of life and death until the liberation.

Body, Body Inhabitant, and Pregnancy

A human can take birth without any previous history of life or collected karmas too. So many times Rishies gave birth new living being from his various body parts. Sometimes various saints are born as a result of boons. Lord Shiva gave birth various living being from his hairs too. Rishis gave birth to various living being from mantras and Ygyas and various other ways, says Purans. All this looks strange but true. Once, the Jeeva gets a body Jeeva tie with Karmas and start to rotate in the cycle of life and death until the liberation. This is the main cause why the population is increasing day by day as no one is ready to do effort that leads to liberating the Jeeva from this tough cycle of life and death.

The Mystery of Semen

Semen is Tejas or Veerya consisting of life force, Atma or Parmatma. It is direct God in motion. The Lord says in the Geeta:

The journey of a child from Womb to the World

At the time of conception after a lapse of a one-night embryo is a semi-fluid. The semi-fluid transformed into a bubble on the seventh night and converted into a solid lump at the end of the 15thnight. Head takes its form at the end of two months, feet after three months, hips and stomach after four months, backbone take shape after the fifth month, eyes, nose and ear after sixth months. In the seventh month the Jeeva gets consciousness and by the eighth month, the Jeeva takes complete shape. The Jeeva received all the nourishment from the mother through nerves.

Thoughts of a child inside the womb

In the seventh month, the “Jeeva” gets consciousness. The Jeeva or fetus recalled all the past lives and feel bad seeing it inside the womb again and again.

A human birth is a great blessing of God

Getting a rebirth is a very tough journey. This is very difficult to get a human life. It is a result of various good karmas. Therefore, if you obtain a human life utilize the life to attain liberation. This is the human life only that gives you the potential to obtain liberation. No other life is as rich as the human life. So, before going to die, awaken and do all your effort to come out the cycle of life and death game.

Be Divine and receive enlightenment

If you marry then people will say that you are lustful. If you don’t marry then people will say that you are incapable. If you worship God then people will say that you are false devotee. If you don’t worship then people will say that you are an atheist. You can’t satisfy the world. Don’t care the world. Even Ram and Krishna are criticized. So, rise above and identify yourself as a self in order to know the supreme Self.



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