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Healthy Relationships Signs in Astrology — Relationships takes a very important role in your life. Your life, your emotions and thoughts all are severely influenced by your zodiac sign in which your moon planet is placed.

It tells you the following-

  • Who will be your true friend?
  • With whom you will be more comfortable?
  • Who will dislike you and like you?
  • Who will be your true friend and enemy?

Your thoughts, emotions and behavior all are directed by the sign where your moon planet in your horoscope.

Your life highly governed by the planets position and their Dasha, Anterdasha and Pratyantar Dasha, etc. Moon Signs decide about your comfort ability with people, friends, family members and all.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Aries

If your moon sign is in Aries sign it means you will be always blessed by your father. You will feel very comfortable with your father.

You will be very attached with your father and your father with you. In all your work your father will support you.

You will not have very good relations with your sisters. Same your maternal uncle and aunt also will not be comfortable with you.

You will try to make good understanding with them but you will not get success in this.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Taurus

Your elder brothers will not be good with you. They will never be positive with you doesn’t matter how much good you are for them.

Also you will not be comfortable with your mother.

However, if somehow you will get blessings from your mother it will be very auspicious for you.

Try to be blessed by your mother in order to stay happy and prosperous in life. You will not be interested in your father and father’s sister.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Gemini

You will feel difficulty with your brother and sister in law. Also, you will be uncomfortable with your father, and other members of father side such as father’s sisters and brothers.

However, you will feel good with your friends and the same with your friends. Friends are lucky for you.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Cancer

Mother is very auspicious for you if your moon is in Cancer sign. You will get growth and progress in life if you live with your mother. You will be very comfortable with your mother.

Your father will not be very good for you. You will feel difficulty in this relation.

However, you are smart enough to make a good balance with your father. In the friend circle you will make a balance with the trick of tit for tat.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Leo

As a lover and husband they are very intelligent, strong and smart and expect the same from their partner. They don’t like stupid, careless and illogical partner

Leo is a very good as a father. They take care their children and give them liberty in life only when essential. They are discipline and strong in terms of their study and important life decisions.

As a mother Leo is very protective for their children and also very motivating. However they are very soft but appear very strong and disciplined.

As a friend Leo people are very loyal, helping and dedicated. They never leave their friend in the crises and help them throughout the life.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Virgo

Virgo as a life partner are very sentimental, emotional and loyal. They speak less and work more to maintain and manage their connection.

As a father Virgo is very conscious for their children. They always take care their children and keep records their details, their friends and their activities.

As a mother Virgo is very serious for their children. Virgo mother always remain like a friend with their children. They give as much liberty to their as required.

As a friend Virgo is always ready to help their friends in terms of physical support, emotional support and money.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Libra

Libra is a good and loyal partner. They are very protective for their life partner.

As a father Libra make good balance in love and discipline. They are very conscious for the study and career for their children, therefore they give only as much independence as essential.

They are good mother and loved by their children. They make good balance in love and discipline. They want their children to make a responsible person and citizen.

Libra is a loyal and supportive friend. Libra never cheat their friends and always ready to help friends.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Scorpio

They are very connected and serious life partner. Once they are ready to love their partner they go in the deep and ready to do anything in love.

As a father they are very strict and strong. They are very careful and conscious for their children but seems very strict to their children which creates suffocation for the children.

As a mother Scorpio is a good mixture of love and strict discipline.

As a friend they are loyal, honest and true. But they have very less friends.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Sagittarius

As a life partner they are humorous, loyal, true and supportive and expect the same from their partner.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Capricorn

Capricorn are very serious and sincere lover. They are not very open in this relation but they show their love and affection through their activities.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Aquarius

Aquarius life partner are very honest, loyal and intelligent. They are jolly and dreamy kind of person.

As a father they are friendly for their children and give them full liberty to grow. But sometimes this is harmful for their children.

Healthy Relationships Signs in Pisces

They are very romantic in love relations. They are very close physically and mentally to their life partner.

As a mother Pisces people are very sentimental and caring. They never expect anything from their children and always wish their children happy and prosperous.

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