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Health Care and Fitness Tips

Disciplined and pure life style with nature is associated with long and blissful life. Generally, Person born in winter season, suffer from diseases occurred due to cold and person born in summer season suffer from diseases due to heat, says research.

Main problems occurred due to heat, are as below:

High body temperature,
Skin problems like rashes. Skin rashes occur when sweat ducts on the skin blocks and stop to secrete sweat.
Faint and fits etc.

Winter weather also needs precaution to prevent diseases due to cold. Common diseases which occur due to cold are as follows:

Cough and Cold,
Throat ache,
Body ache

Below are some health tips, which recommend to live with nature and prevent diseases naturally with the help of sun, water, sleep, air or breathing pattern and earth elements.

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Sleeping in left side posture keeps body fit till 100 years, Says VedasDuring night person should sleep in a left side posture. It allows breathing by right nostril which flows sun nerve (breathing from right swara), which is warm in nature, auspicious in sleeping; gives sound sleep and heels body during the sleep.
Eat food not more than 2 times in a day to stay fit and healthy

“Gheranda Samhita” says, half of the stomach should be filled with food. One fourth with water and the remaining fourth must left empty for circulation of the air, for healthy digestion.

One should practice eating food not more than two times in a day. Over eating of food not only disturbs digestion system but also increases fat contents, which harm body. Never eat more than the need. Avoid over eating for the taste. Never eat with other person in the same plate and avoid eating lefts food of anyone else too. Always eat fresh food in your plate only.

3. Urinating minimum 6 times and toileting two times in 24 hours keep you fit & healthy till 100 years

Veda says everyone should urinating minimum 6 times in a day to remain fit and shine with luster. One should drink 2 to 3-liter water in a day to clean the body and remove toxins from the body.

4. Tips for Anti-ageing

Stress-free and happy life give healthy and blissful life. Adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH, from the Adrenalin gland, is secreted in response to anger and stresses, which then, in turn, help us to deal with the stresses, but it gives the sign of aging on the body and also affects memory capability. The stress refers to long-term stress, like prolonged fasting conditions or prolonged exercises or even prolonged emotional stresses, such as the loss of a loved one. So keep you young and smart, avoid stresses and anger. It not only makes you dull and aged, but also disturbs surrounding around you.

5. Early rising and Morning Walk keep you fit and healthy till 100 years

Bare feet walking on the grass keeps eyes fresh, improve eye-sight and prevent eyes from diseases. Morning walk improves body immunity and prevent various diseases like diabetes, heart trouble, cancers, stress and depression etc. and make a person more healthy, creative and fresh.

6. Drink fresh water

Always drink fresh and clean water. Also, splash fresh water on the eyes after filling mouth with water. It improves eye-sight and prevents eyes from diseases.

7. Flow left Swara (Sun Nadi) during the day time

It is auspicious to take breath from left nostril during the day time. It is not only auspicious but also good for mental work and logical thinking which is needed for routine task.

8. Follow the law of actions to keep you healthy

life is an echo

As you sow, so shall you reap. Hence, take lightly whatever nature gives you. Nature works on the law of balance. If you heart anyone, anytime, in any life, the same will come to you in the same or in any other life. What we are receiving or received till date, all are the fruits of our past actions. So, to stay fit and healthy, don’t depressed, always accept indifferently what comes in life.

9. As food is must to keep you alive, alike nadi-shodhan is must to stay you fit and healthy, says “Shiv Swarodaya Shastra

Swara Science is marvelous in all the sciences. It is hidden and secret. Only blessed souls are graced with this science and receive enlightenment. Nadi shodhan creates miracles, cure present diseases, prevent various diseases and increase longevity.

10. Change of Swara cures fever without taking medicines

If fever occurs or one suspected the fever may occur, change the present Swara to cure fever. Till the end of fever block the present Swara and flow opposite Swara. For instance, in the feeling of feverish, one should find the existing Swara (if left swara is working, block nostril by a cloth or cotton and begin right Swara, or if right is working block it and begin left Swara) block it immediately, and start another side Swara.

Additionally, the root of “sinduwar” removes every type of fever, it is tied in the hand of the patient.

11. Keep fast once in a week for good digestion

During the fasting, drink water and juice, eat fruits and avoid taking anything else. Fast cures fever and energizes body, mind and soul.

12. Tips to Cure Migraine

A migraine is a kind of head ache characterized by recurrent head ache that is moderate to quite severe. Characteristically, the headache affects one-half of the head, is pulsating in nature, and lasts from the beginning of the sun rise and till the sun set. Associated symptoms may include feeling of nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sounds, or sometimes smell too.

To cure it, identify the side of headache, tied the rope or cloth tightly in the elbow of the same side. In a few minutes the headache will be over. If the headache is in a particular side: either left or right side, first find the Swara of that side, in which side the headache is, and block the same side of Swara with cotton or cloth and allow flowing the other side of Swara to cure the headache. Practice it whenever headache occurs. This process cures migraine problem forever.

13. To maintain good digestion practice to eat and drink with right side Swara

After taking any type of food and drink, practice to maintain right Swara for 10 to 15 minutes to get good digestion and to remove all the stomach problems related to digestion.

14. To cure liver problems

Before leaving the bed in the morning first squeeze the body, then take left and right turn posture 3 to 4 times and get up. This process cures the problems of liver and strengthens lever. Sit comfortable posture and concentrate on the “Nabhikanda”. It not only removes indigestion but also destroy all the ailments related to stomach.


15. Curing Nerve pain, Pain in Chest, Arms, and Shoulders etc.

Any type of nerve pain can be cured by changing the current Swara. If pain occurs in any nerva, find the current Swara and change the Swara to destroy the nerve pain.

ida pingla

16. Curing Asthmatic Attack

Whenever asthma attack occurs, find the current Swara and change that Swara. It cures the problem within 10 to 15 minutes. Practice this repeatedly till some days. It cues the problem of bronchitis and asthma.

17. Tips to Cure Teeth Problems

To strengthen the teeth, tightly close upper and lower teeth and press them, during urinating and toileting. Regularly, practice this. It destroys all the problems of teeth and strengthens them.

18. Tips to improve eye sight and cure all eyes problems

— -> After leaving the bed in the morning fill your mouth with fresh water and splash water on the eyes. Practice this three or four time in a day. It improves eye sight and prevents eyes for all the problems. If any difficulty in the morning time, one can do this in any other time also.

— -> During the oil massage fill the oil in toe of your feet, massage oil slowly on the toes of the feet. It cures eyes problems and improves eye sight. You can do this daily. It cures the disease without taking the medicine.

— -> Morning saliva improves eye sight naturally. After leaving the bed rub your finger on your tongue take saliva and applies in your eyes alike “Kajal”. Saliva consists of watery substance located in the mouths of human being, secreted by the salivary glands. Human saliva consists of 99.5% water, 0.5% electrolytes, mucus, glycoproteins, enzymes, antibacterial, and bacteria compounds such as secretory IgA and lysozyme. Saliva is beneficial in improving eye sight and it also prevents other eye diseases.

19. Cure Arthritis Naturally

Comb hair daily after taking the lunch and dinner. Do comb in such a way that comb pins in the skull. After combing, till 3 to 5 minutes sit in the “Veera Asana” (Vajra Asana) as shown in the figure given below till 15 minutes. It removes the problems of arthritis.


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