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Mamta Rajshree
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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience. A human being is a light of cosmic energy enveloped in three layers or bodies, namely physical body, subtle body, and causal body. These three bodies are also made up of the energy a transformation of the Supreme energy. Everything that we touch, feel and dream is the manifestation of the same energy.

Godly quotes

It is essential to enlighten the following to understand the true meaning of “being a human” or “who am I”:

  • Cosmic energy
  • Physical body
  • Subtle body
  • Causal body
  • Liberated Soul

Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is a supreme energy or the almighty GOD, known by various names like Lord Shiva, Shri. Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Budha, Sai Baba, Allah, Nanak, Mother Durga and much more. God has many names because of different thoughts and religions, but these are all names of the same supreme energy. Supreme energy is visible in different forms in the world. All the objects and thoughts such as the sun, moon, earth, air, water, trees, voice, words, pain, pleasure, etc. are manifestations of the supreme energy. Supreme energy is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. We see many things before us which are basically a representation of a supreme energy (almighty God).

Due to the power of illusion, one God is seen in many forms. In fact, we are trapped by the power of Illusion and are seeing one God in many forms.

Godly quotes

Otherwise, God is seen everywhere but we can’t see and hear God. Only, very few souls with the grace of God can realize the truth and see the God visible in many forms. These souls are blessed by the God to break the wall of illusion and see the almighty God present everywhere.

What is the meaning of being a human?

Human is a flux of energy made up of three layers; physical layer, subtle layer, and casual layer. The innermost light (soul) is the light of supreme God, which is a life force flowing everywhere and enlightening the humans too. Life force is your true guide and guru, and always with you to teach and heal you whether you realize God or not.

How does supreme energy guide you?

Every time you are at the crossroads, at least once, it reminds you not to choose the wrong option, a choice which may harm or hurt others? But you never try to hear it. Even after making the mistake, it again warns you, not to repeat this by giving a spark of pain in your heart. But again you ignore it and keep on repeating the same cycle. Ultimately, by doing wrongs you become the victim of facing the same in your life too whether in the same life or in some future life as this is the law of karma, as you did so shall you feel.

These wrong doings surface in your subtle body in various forms like depression, pains, loss of sleep, heart attacks, stress and much more and further become visible in your physical body in the forms of various diseases and accidents. All the pains due to loss of loved ones, hunger, thirst, poverty, diseases and much more are life lessons to teach you and enlighten you to become learned and proceed in the life journey.

How does supreme energy heal you?

Whenever you forgive others for their wrong doings which they did against you such as cheating, insulting, hurting and harming etc., you are healed by the supreme energy and you feel a sense of love and peace in your heart. This forgiveness is the highest order of healings which not only heals subtle pains but physical diseases too.

Godly quotes

Similarly, whenever you serve someone without any agenda, again God gives you a feeling of love and peace. Anything done against others unconditionally heals your hidden wounds and relaxes you.

Physical body

The physical body is composed of earth, sky, air, water, and fire. These five elements are again transformation of energy. Physical body is an outermost layer given a human, again and again, to learn the lessons by realizing the fruits of the past actions, but human forgets about his true infinite identity and thinks of the physical body as his/her true identity, he/she starts doing things which can please the physical body only and becomes selfish — the main cause of pains and sufferings. Feeling of attachment with the body and realizing this body as “I” is the main cause of sufferings and it also ensures continuity in the cycle of life and death.

The person forgets all the actions of the past lives as he/she gets the physical body and involved in worldly affairs. Now, again the person makes all the efforts which please the body.

Subtle body

The subtle body is the invisible body and can’t be seen through physical eyes, only enlightened souls can view this body. Enlightened souls see all the beings folded in the subtle bodies. The subtle body is made up of light or energy. The composition of subtle body is an energy comprising of dreams, desires, attachment, feeling of revenge and love, fruits of past life karmas etc. The subtle body is more solid than the physical body and more permanent than the physical body. This is the cause of infinite cycle of life and death. Main characteristics of subtle body are discussed below:

  • The subtle body is a carrier which carries you from the physical world to the subtle world when you leave the physical body.
  • It maintains your presence in the subtle world until you come back in the physical world again to enjoy the fruits of your past actions.
  • The subtle body comprises of all your desires whether love, hate or revenge and maintains these desires until satisfied whether in the same life or in any other future life.
  • The subtle body contains all the fruits of your karmas and allows the life cycle to be continued infinitely until you completely awaken in your soul life.
  • After leaving the physical body, soul reverts back in its true state and recalls all its past life karmas whether good or bad and promises not to repeat the same or do anything wrong which hurts and harms others, but it forgets the promise when it takes a new birth and again starts to do only what gives instant pleasure to the body.
  • Subtle body can receive any type of physical body among 84 lacks of bodies in accordance with the law of karmas. The cycle of life and death is like a blind valley. There is no way to come out of this infinite cycle. Good karmas offer a good life and bad karmas offer a bad life infinitely, there is no escape at all.

Subtle World or Spirit World

Spirit world is more powerful and advanced than the physical world and it is also a permanent world. The physical world is only a reflection of the subtle world. Subtle world is full of spirits. Learning or spiritual advancement is only possible in the physical world and in the human life, not in the subtle world. What we have learned here in the form of a human remains with us in the subtle world too. To keep learning and to becoming spiritually advanced, these subtle bodies have to come again and again as a human in the physical world. It’s only the human life which can make a person spiritually mature.

There are various forms of subtle bodies, same as the physical world, such as Rishis, Devatas, Pretas, Chandals, Pishachas, Chudales, Bhutas, angels, Rishis, and Yogis etc.

Causal body

The causal body is also made up of energy comprising of positivity, healings, and pure thoughts which serve and heal others. Important features of the causal body are as below:

  • When people awake in the soul life or realize the soul, he/she receives enlightenment and become the lamp to light others too.
  • A causal body comprising of only healing thoughts may eventually make a person a saint such as Jesus, Nanak, Budha, etc.
  • When a person awakens in the soul life, his/her subtle body dissolves automatically. All the thoughts of attachments, desires, hate and revenge vanish automatically and the person becomes a pure soul.
  • A person having causal body knows all his past lives and the cause of his sufferings in the present life too.
  • A person carrying a causal body is a fully awakened soul and free from all the negative thoughts.
  • Such souls see God everywhere and within, therefore, they can’t do anything wrong or harmful to anyone.
  • A person carrying a subtle body is called a liberated soul. Such soul dissolves in the cosmic soul or God after leaving the physical body.

Liberated Soul or Divine Soul

Causal body, “Karan sharir” is a divine body, cause of subtle body and physical body. When all the negativity, anger, lust, greed and attachment are dissolved or vanished, the soul is left folded into only a divine body which is full of pure love for God and all creatures. Such people are called saints and they see divine sight everywhere, in every object and prove the truth of the saying –“Kanam Kanam Shivam” .

Godly quotes

“God is not only in every particle, but every particle is the manifestation of God”

-Mamta Rajshree

Liberated soul is particularly associated with love and affection towards the cosmic soul present in all the beings. Once a person realizes his soul, one immediately realizes the supreme soul or God.

Godly quotes

Important features of a liberated soul are as follows:

  1. Such souls have completed their life journey and reached the destination. They see divine sight always and everywhere, both inside and outside.
  2. Such saints become free from the race of life and the world and become calm. They remain detached from all the worldly attractions and passions.
  3. These saints pass remaining time of their life in discharging the energy left in their energy centers due to undercharged energy of past life karmas. There is no future karma for them. Now, they become free from the fruits of karmas.
  4. They can’t and never speak a lie.
  5. These saints look the same as other normal people outwardly, but inwardly they are transformed souls, they become the tool of God’s works.
  6. These saints know the mystery of not only their past lives but the past lives of others too.
  7. They know the seed cause of all the pains and pleasures, not only theirs but other’s too.
  8. The whole universe opens its secrets before them to read and realize.
  9. The universe is a big volume filled with the sacred knowledge of Vedas. These saints can read this big volume without the assistance of any physical tools or technique.
  10. The life book of each and everyone is written in this sky book (“Akashik Records written and updated regularly by Chitragupta”) become open before these saints.

The people who receive the state of the divine body are very rare and special who are particularly meant to receive the liberation. Such souls are divine souls who take birth just to discharge the energies stored in their energy centers due to left past karmas and afterward they dissolves into the cosmic soul forever. Such divine personalities are Rishies and divine energies such as Sai Baba, Nanak, Budha, Mother Meera, Jesus, Kabeer and much more.

So, be divine & be enlightened

With love, light, and peace


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