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God Gifted Talent- How can a person find their gift/talent

God gifted — Sometimes people have gifted some particular talent by birth, these talents are called God gifted talent. Contrarily, some people have a specific weakness by birth. These gifts and weaknesses are due to Karma- says the law of Karma.

What Do You Mean By “God Gifted Talent”?

God Gifted talent Meaning

God gifted talent meaning natural talent or inbuilt skill in a person. Sometimes a specific talent is found in a person without getting any training and education. This kind of talent is God gifted talent.

What are some examples of talents?

God gifted talent is found in a variety of forms such as,

  • Melodious singing,
  • Beautiful dance,
  • Extraordinary wisdom,
  • Learning skill
  • Public speaking
  • Swimming
  • Networking and communication
  • Acting,
  • Astonishing vocabulary,
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Logical power
  • Art and craft
  • Drawing
  • Command on various languages
  • Knowing the language of birds and animals
  • Mathematics
  • Extraordinary memory and much more.

How can a person find their gift/talent

You Are God Gifted, Recognize Your Gift

This kind of God gifted talent can be in anyone. The need is to explore it.

Sometimes God gifted talent is so much visible before the public that you don’t need any effort to find it, practice it, and show it.

But some other time there is a need to find the talent and show it before the public to get feedback.

How to identify your potential, your passion in life

The main obstacle in realizing God’s gifted talent is that some people don’t value themselves. They don’t explore their hidden talents due to lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, etc.

To find such kind of talent there is a need to introspect your capabilities and passion.

If you have a deep desire to do anything, give a try to this. Get feedback from others and practice it.

Do you believe talent is God gifted?

Talent is god gifted as well as learned both possibilities are there. The main reason behind the God gifted talent is as below-

When you leave the world, you leave only the physical body. Rest of the things such as leaned skills, personality traits, habit formation, other qualities you learned to date, everything goes with you in the subtle form, and come back with you when you come again in the world as a newborn child.

Not only, talents but weaknesses, demerits, desires, fears, and phobias everything remains deposited in your subtle repository i n the form of energy and come back with you every time when you come on the earth in a new body.

The human body is the only tool that gives you a chance to remove unwanted desires and emotions from the subtle energy repository. Similarly, you can improve god gifted talent to use them for the betterment of society.

For example, if you are fond of music and sings nicely in the current life then in the next life also, there are so many chances that you born with the inbuilt talent of singing or you might have a deep desire to sing well. With a few training, you might become a good singer due to the God gifted talent.

Is talent “god-given” or it can be from practicing a lot

There is a law of nature — cause and effect. If anything special is there in your life it ensures a specific cause behind that.

In fact, what you realized or experienced once that remains store in your subconscious memory that may surface without any effort or with a little effort.

If you are a leaned person in current life and know all about a particular religious book such as Geeta and Vedas, etc., there are many chances that you will come with this knowledge in the next life too.

But due to cultural values, family environment, and other nurturing factors, you might or might not develop the God gifted talent again. However, in the seed form, every impression remains with you from one life to another life.

These past life skills and traits may appear in your life in many ways such as recurring dreams and thoughts, daydreaming, strong craving, slip of tongue, a slip of a pen, etc.

What do you think genius is god gifted or self-made

Sometimes genius is god gifted, but in case you have not God gifted talent of intelligence, you can learn it.

The whole soul life is a journey comprising series of learning good things and deleting that is not good and not desired in order to be a learned and spiritually advanced person.

This is the main cause of why the human body is given to subtle energy to learn and unlearn things.

You are never late you learn at any age at any time because what you have learned that never wasted and remain with you in the form of energy in your energy body.


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