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Definition of a Real Woman — The text discussed a beautiful truth about the Definition of a Real Woman.

Woman definition

Once, when God was very busy in his beautiful creation — “A woman”, God consumed complete five days, but the creation was still incomplete and this was the sixth day when an angel came to God and observed the beautiful creation.

Angel asked the God; why you are taking so much time in this particular creation?

God answered, do you have any idea about all its qualities. Look, all its beautiful qualities that are present in this creation.

  • She can manage each and every situation very easily.
  • She can handle all its children carefully and always keeps them happy.
  • With her tender love and care, she can heal all the wounds of others from a simple scratch to a deep heart wound.
  • With her two soft hands, she can do all the difficult tasks.
  • She has a great virtue that she can take care of herself when she felt sick and, also she can works 18 hours continuously without getting tired.

The angel surprised and said is it possible with these soft two hands!

The angel goes near to the creation and touched the woman and surprised! God, this is very soft and silky.

  • God answered, yes I made this very soft and silky outwardly, but otherwise she is the strongest one.
  • She has the power to manage each and every tough most situation.

Angel asked, does she can think too?

Angel touched the cheeks of the creation and surprised! God, these are wet. May certain leakage be here?

Angel surprised, why she has tears?

Angel said God you are great. You made a wonderful creation. Your creation is splendid, marvelous and astonishing.

  • God said this is really a beautiful creation. She is the power of man. She motivates a man.
  • She remains happy by making others happy.
  • She always remains happy. She can take what she needed by using force too.
  • There is no condition in her love. Her love is unconditional.
  • She felt disheartened when her loved one cheats her, but she knows how to do compromises with the situations

Angel said, God, your creation is virtuous, wonderful and now this is complete in all aspects.

Angel surprised! What’s that?

Definition of a Real Woman

How would you define a woman?

Woman is a precious gift of divine for the nature and the society who doubles all that what is offered to her.

If you give her house she makes it home, if you give her smile she gives you pleasure, if you give her sperm she gives you a child and if you give her tears she sends you to hell.

What features make a woman attractive?

In addition to physical beauty her pleasing personality and internal beauty of mind, heart and thoughts makes a woman attractive.

What makes a woman a lady?

As a word gentleman is used for a man to pay great respect to a man same lady word is used for a girl and a woman to pay extreme honour and respect to a woman.

What are the characteristics of a woman?

Virtuous woman definition

The important characteristics of a virtuous woman are gratitude, passion, confidence, courage, empathy, trustworthy, Self care, Adaptability, Communicative, and pleasing personality.

What do they call a female Alpha?

Alpha woman carries excellent features. Alpha female is full of positive energy, enthusiasm, passion, and zeal.

Some females have inbuilt alpha female traits like self-confidence, leadership, smart, pleasing look, attractive, magnetic, punctuality, etc.

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