Cow dream meaning — Seeing cow in dreams alerts you

Mamta Rajshree
3 min readMar 4, 2023


Cow dream meaning — Cow is one of the most important animals in Hinduism. Cow is considered a mother in Hinduism. Cow is worshiped by Hindus. It is believed that all the Gods reside in a cow in the form of energies.

The milk of a cow is very precious and used as a medicine in Ayurveda. It is full of so many vitamins and minerals.

Seeing a cow in a dream is auspicious. Exact interpretation of cow dreams depends on various factors such as your mind set, cultural values, your life style, thought process, etc. General meaning of seeing a cow in dreams are as below-

Cow dream meaning

Cow is an auspicious animal. Seeing its dreams are also gives good results. You may get good news from your nears and dears.

It is also an indication of fulfilling your wishes.

You will get profit in your business

You may get good health if you see a cow in your dream

Seeing a cow is always good it gives you health, wealth and prosperity in all the ways.

Cow and calf Dream meaning

If you see calf and cow both in your dreams, it means you will get wealth and prosperity in the near life. It is a good dream. Rarely comes such kinds of dream but if come, it means something amazing is coming in your life.

So, never ignore such types of dreams. Be grateful to the universe if you see a cow and calf both in your dream.

Cow coming towards you in dream

If you see that a cow is coming towards you, it means wealth and prosperity are coming in your life.

You may get good news if you see such kinds of dreams

Cow Opening mouth in dreams

If you see that cow is opening its mouth, it means you will get promotion or growth in your job. It is also an indication that you will get increment in your wages.

Calf in dream meaning

Seeing a calf in dream means getting a good news from your children. You will get money if you see such kinds of dreams.

Giving bread to a cow in dream

It is an auspicious dream. It means you will get healthy life in the near life. If someone is ill in your house and sees such dream it means fast recovery from the illness.

Seeing a white cow in dream

Seeing a white cow in your dream is a wonderful dream, it means happiness and prosperity all around. It is a wonderful dream.

Dream of cow chasing me

Dream of cow chasing is an auspicious dream, it means divine blessings. You are under the protection of divine. You will get recovery from all your troubles whether the troubles is related to money, job or health.

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