Consciousness and cosmic energy

“Lila” or “Srishty”
“The world is a cosmic play of cosmic energy (“Prana”) and consciousness (“Chitta”). Cosmic energy or Prana is a force and Chitta is a Consciousness”. Where is a cosmic energy or prana, there is consciousness. A living being is called “prani” because it has the force and thus consciousness. As prana withdraws body becomes unconscious.

The cosmic play is the play of consciousness and cosmic energy. In the beginning, there was only absolute unmanifested consciousness called “Para Bhrama”. Unmanifested consciousness desired “I am alone, let me become many”. This was the first desire aroused within the absolute consciousness. This was the first vibration in the still consciousness. This was the first will of the absolute consciousness. What creates desire possible that is Prana. Prana means livingness. Prana means alive. Consciousness is “Para Bhrama” and the Prana is energy or “Shakti”. This energy is cosmic mother present in every human being in its dormant form. Cosmic mother and consciousness both play together called a “Lila” and it originated the world or “Srishty”. The “Srishty” or the world is the outcome of the play of consciousness and cosmic mother.
What is Consciousness?
Consciousness is supreme God, supreme soul, “Para Bhrama” or “Shiva”. Consciousness is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, unbounded, unlimited, and never-ending. Consciousness and prana are united and one that are “Shiva” and “Shakti”. Shiva and Shakti are the two views of one coin. Without the “shakti”, “Shiva” is “shava” means without the life force. The body becomes “shava” when “prana” withdraws the body. Same without the “prana” the whole cosmos is lifeless. This is the only prana that makes it alive. The whole cosmos is in a rhythm due to Prana. Prana is the energy of the cosmos. As the cosmos is alive due to prana same all living beings are alive due to prana. This prana is flowing in the subtle channels of the cosmos to make it alive. In the human body, prana is flowing in 72000+ subtle nadies (nerves) and 7 chakras to make it alive. The presence of Prana can be realized only if you have unshaken faith in God via meditaion or devotiion.

A child born with the subtle prana stored in its body in a seed form. Some of the channels among the 72000+ channels have blockage due to the past sanskara deposited in the seed form in the subtle body while some are working well and let the child bear the fruits of karma and regenerate more Karmas too, to go forward in the soul journey infinitely.

Prana is a life force a cause of everything going on in the body as seeing, hearing, thinking, dreaming, smelling, and blinking of eyes, feeling happy or sad and all other activities going on in the body. As the prana withdraws the body, the body becomes lifeless. Same all the activities going on in the cosmos are just because of the prana. If prana withdraws from the cosmos the total collapse will be there as nothing is possible without the prana. Every activity in the cosmos is due to the prana. Sun is rising, the moon is shining, birds are singing, rivers are flowing, etc., all due to prana. The whole nature is in a rhythm just because of prana. We are living, breathing, thinking, wishing, willing, dreaming, sleeping, and rising all due to prana.

Stones have prana, mountains have prana, every object has prana and reflected in the form of aura. Even nonliving things like automobiles are moving, machines are working, plaines are flying, and everything is going on and in the motion just due to the prana. Nothing is possible without the prana. When nonliving things are designed proper precaution is used to give proper space to air to let the machine work efficiently and effectively.
What is the meaning of cosmic energy or prana?
Prana is not the air that causes the motion, not an oxygen that gives us life, not a carbon dioxide that makes tree alive, not a breath that gives us life, not a pulse that makes us alive, not a beat of the heart, etc., but it is the sum of all the things and many more too the cause of life of every tiny atom to the whole cosmos. Prana means livingness or alive. That is the prana that forces the physical body to do karma and also a subtle body to move forward and reach to the destined subtle world whether that is a heaven or a hell on the basis of karma after departing the physical body. Prana is ever present in you from your creation to liberation. After the liberation, your prana transforms to mahaprana.
Cosmic energy or “Prana” has dynamism
A human being “Prani” born with a certain amount of seed prana and changes the prana through breathing, eating, reading, thinking, worshiping, devotion, meditation, chanting mantras, fasting, and accompanying the people of various potencies of prana, etc. It is a continuous process. Every element in the cosmos is full of prana and let the human to receive the prana. Prana is like batteries that store energy. Yogies and devotees accumulate comparatively more prana with the support of pure and pious thoughts and actions. Everything contributes in the accumulation of prana like the style of living, eating habits, thought process, chanting of mantras, worshiping and meditation and the most important an unshaken faith in the God (“para bhrama). For example, consuming food is not enough to restore the prana, but how you are consuming the food, your thoughts, your mental state, your prayer before consuming the food, the feelings of the person who cooked the food, the way of the source of wealth used in collecting the food, etc., everything plays its role in giving prana to the food you are going to consume.
Cosmic play and Laws of Cosmic energy

Cosmic laws are in existence to felicitate the cosmic play. Cosmic laws are further energies derived from the cosmic energy just to honor the cosmic play.

Law of Polarity (Polarity principle of Ida-Pingala)
Law of vibration
Law of three qualities “Triguna” — Sattva, Raja, and Tama
Law of balance
Law of oneness
Law of creation & dissolution
Law of continuation or Rhythm
Law of gender
Law of cause and effect (Law of Karma)

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Mamta Rajshree

Mamta Rajshree

Life coach, counselor, healer and editor of a website Please visit website email: