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Mamta Rajshree
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Bear meaning in dreams — Bear is a popular animal. Dances of bear are common in our culture from an ancient time. Hence; it is common to see a bear in dreams. Generally, people fear seeing it live but in dreams its meaning is good and bad both.

Interpretation of a dream is a subjective phenomenon and based on many factors. Such as -

  • Time of seeing the dream
  • Your feelings and emotional structure while seeing the object in dream
  • Your perception related to the object you see in dream
  • Cultural values about the dream object
  • Color of the dream object
  • Action that you did and the dream object did in the dream,
  • Past life records related to the dream object, etc.

Some common dreams about the bear are as below-

Bear Meaning in Dream

Pet bear meaning in dream

Pet bear meaning in a dream is not a good indication. If a bear is following someone in dream and doing what other person wishes it means that in the near future someone will control you and use you as the person need.

Hence, if you see such kind of dream check your surrounding and the people who are working with you. The dream may be a warning dream for you.

If recently you have started to follow someone, be alert and be more vigilant.

Hunting bear in dream meaning

Hunting bear in dream meaning is a good indication of your current life. It means you are on the right path, soon you will be more successful. You will get name and fame both in the near future due to your right work and good decision-making power.

Black bear in dream meaning

Black bear in dream meaning is a warning sign. It means that you may fall ill in the near future due to some mistake. Hence, if you see a black bear in dream, pray to your family God and goddesses, feel sorry before him or her for your mistakes that you did knowingly and unknowingly and ask to protect, save you and guide you.

Brown bear in dream meaning

Brown bear in dream meaning is a good, it means soon you will get more wealth and prosperity. You will get happiness, name and fame.

Killing bear in dream meaning

Killing a bear in dream by stones and a stick is not a good indication. If you see that someone else is killing a bear in dream it means also the same.

It means that in the near future variety of obstacles may come in your life. You may fall ill or you may get loss of wealth and money. Progress will be difficult in the near future if such kinds of dream come to you.

Chased by a bear in dream meaning

If you are chased in a dream by a bear, it means a warning sign for you. It means a new person may come in your life that may harm you. This new person may be proved a trouble for you.

So, be conscious in life. Before doing friendship and partnership test the person in depth. Also, never trust on an unknown person.

Bear has a great power of smell. Bear can search a person through the foot print. Similarly, an unknown person may get all your secrets and harm you latter.

Fight with a bear in dream meaning

Fighting with a bear in a dream is a good dream. It means soon you will recover from all the diseases and problems in which you were suffering from so many months or years. It is a good message for you.

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