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Mamta Rajshree
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Bad Karma — The root cause of karma is desires. Desires are those which are beyond the needs. Fulfill your need and control your desires.

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This is essential to fulfill your needs, but don’t follow your desires, because desires never end. When you fulfill your one desires, second desire arises and when you fulfill second desire, third desires arises, no end, desires are infinite.

Desires are of many types as your surrounding and environment. Some common desires are as below-

Bad Karma due to Sexual Desires

Sexual desires is an important cause that forces you to do bad karma. Not only, man but sometimes in cultures woman also indulge in these kinds of desires. However, generally man follows sexual desires.

Bad Karma due to Food desires

Generally, people enjoy variety of food items one after another without considering their health and wealth.

When you feed yourself with one kind of food item, desire arises to consume another food item. Desire of variety of food items force you to grab the food item that they want and to fulfill your food desire

Sometimes, people have no control on their taste buds and want food items doesn’t matter how harmful the food for their health.

People even do wrongs such as stealing foods of others.

Bad Karma due to Desire to love and to be loved

Love and to be loved is also a beautiful desire many times people involved in this. In this materialistic world this is very difficult to get true love and also to do selfless love. If love is one side then people sometimes harms their love partner such as they kill their love partner. Sometimes, people throw acids on their love partner.

Not only, this but people commit suicide also if they incapable to receive their love. Suicide is also a big crime that spoils this precious life. Read, how to avoid suicides.

Bad Karma due to Desire of luxuries

Many times people believe in luxuries and show off. Just to show off they spend money more than the limit of pocket. And when time comes to repay the bills they sometimes harms the party who ask to pay the bills.

Anger is the root of many crimes. Due to anger people harms others and sometimes this anger reaches to height and force a person to go on any extreme of crime.

Due to Greed people never satisfy what they have and always want more and more all the time. Greedy person never feel peace and remain involve to do anything just to satisfy their greed.

Bad Karma due to Ego vs self respect

Ego and self respect is entirely against to each other. Self respect is good, but not egoism. Ego makes person arrogance and such people never hesitate to harm others, to cheat others and to insult others.

There are so many demerits that force a person to do wrong against others. While doing bad karma, person forgets that what he or she is doing one day come before them to take revenge. This is the law of nature everything comes back. Life is echo what you do you have to face as it is.

Karma never forgets its address. Whether in the same life time or in the future life time, but you have to face what you did. No excuse in the nature. Everything written in your sky book you can’t escape you from the fruit of karma.

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