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After death life — There is a life after death undoubtedly. The world is a biggest school where you come to learn the lessons of life not only once but many times one after another until you learned all the lessons that life wants to teach you.

As you learn the lessons in your class room throughout the year and in the end you are examined through test papers. You attempt the question paper which you don’t know before.

Similarly, in the world you don’t know how and when you will be tested, but you have to attempt the test that life gives you. Sometimes you pass and sometimes fail.

The result is not in your hand but even then you have no choice only action is in your hand that you have to perform in every condition whether you wish or not.

To learn the life lessons a physical body with many accessories is given to you. Once this physical body become tired, aged and spoiled due to time factor, accidents and other reasons, you have to leave the body (called death) and you are forced to go into the spirit world.

After the death — after death what happens?

Immediately after the death you become separate from your physical body. The crystal chord that joins your subtle body and physical body break down at your physical death.

  • You become surprised immediately after death seeing yourself separate from the physical body.
  • Now you can see your physical body separate from you.
  • You feel surprised initially seeing your family members weeping just because of your death, however you feel yourself alive.
  • Generally, deceased person tries to enter into the physical body. Deceased person efforts a lot to enter into the body, but no use.
  • You try to convince your family members that you are still alive.
  • You want to talk your family members.
  • You want to touch your family members.
  • You want to console your loved ones who are weeping just for you.
  • But you feel yourself helpless to convey your feelings, emotions and desires to your loved ones
  • After sometime you become convinced about your death. How much time you will take to be convinced about your death, it depends on your knowledge about the death and afterwards.
  • Some people become aware about the death even before their death too. Even such people know time of their death before their death. But generally people don’t know about the death and this situation of death becomes a surprise for them after their death.

What is after the death?

Your life remains as it is after your death also but on different dimension.

Death is not the end of you. You remain exist after the death also. Not only this but you remain exist in a better condition and in better form after your death because there is no body hence no boundary of the body.

Some important things that you can do after your death are as below-

  • You become free from bodily pains and diseases.
  • You become lighter after the death.
  • You can go anywhere in nanosecond.
  • You can travel with the speed of your mind, because your mind still there with you after your death
  • You can touch your loved ones
  • You can feel what they think for you easily while it is not possible while living in the physical body.
  • You can read the minds of others

How much and what you can do after your death is still depends on what kind of body you are offered after your death because it all depends on your karma that you did while living in the body.

After the death either you go into the spirit world or become ghost. After the death possible conditions that may occur with you are as below-

  1. You become ghost
  2. You go into the spirit world
  3. You attain liberation

After death who becomes ghost?

Generally, every person becomes a ghost after the death. After completing all the death ceremonies which are performed by the son and other family members, the deceased person has to go to the spirit world in accordance to the Karma that he or she did while living the body.

If he or she did the good karma the good and higher worlds are offered to the person to learn further life lessons and if he or she not did good karma the lower world are given to them to experience the result of their Karma and to learn more.

What so ever the situation but the deceased person have to go there and have to work for the betterment of their soul.

In the spirit world spirit angels, divine teachers and other divine entities help the deceased person to grow further.

After the death you go into the spirit world

There are various types of spirit worlds. Some are higher spirit world and some are lower spirit world. Higher worlds are far better than the earth. There are many higher worlds. For example-

Janalok Maharlok Bhuvarlok Bhulok or earth

There are various lower worlds also such as-

Asura Loka and other lower level worlds

After the death who attains liberation?

After the death you may attain liberation also but it depends on your past life karma and present life karma both.

There are many saints in the world who attain liberation. After liberation not only your physical body but subtle body also end and you become one with cosmic energy or almighty god.

Is there really life after death?

Yes, definitely there is a life after death and what type of life will be after death it all depends on what type of life you live before the death.

You lived a good life, a saintly life before the death then there are better chances that you will be offered a better version of life.

Contrarily, if you lived an impure life, and a worst life before the death then then you have to force to go to the lower plan after the death.


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