3 Stages of Dying and Death — Process of Dying Based on Experience

Mamta Rajshree
7 min readMar 19, 2023


Death is a long process which takes time. Death doesn’t occur in a day or two but it takes sometimes 6 months to few weeks it all depends how much energy you deposited in your subtle body during the life journey.

This article is particularly for those people who die in their complete age such as 80 or above. When a person complete life journey and proceed to a death process without any severe disease the person’s body decays slowly from one phase to another phase and dies.

The person’s body generally follows following stages-

Stages of dying and death

Stages of dying present here are based on personal realizations that are experienced during the death of old people.

However, death start to occur after the age of seventy onwards when body start to decay due to variety of diseases, weaknesses and life traumas. But the dying process start to visible to other people when a person start to go through in the following stages of death-

These death stages are marked by various physical and emotional changes in responsiveness and functioning of body.

However, timings of each stage and the associated symptoms experienced can vary from person to person.

The early stage of death

Following death signs start to visible in the early stage of death -

Loose skin in the early stage of death

Skin leaves the strength and become very loose in the early stage of death. If any soar is there, it is difficult to cure the soar.

Lack of talk in the early stage of death

Generally, the person wants to stay calm. The person not interested in chatting with the people surrounds the person. The person slowly becomes less sociable.

Change in Sleeping Pattern in the early stage of death

Sometimes people change sleeping pattern. The person may sleep in the day time and awaken in the night time. Moreover, most of the time the person sleeps and become less responsive towards the environment.

More sleeping in the early stage of death

The person wants to stay sleep all the time whether it is day or night. Also, wants a peaceful environment.

Lack of appetite in the early stage of death Less Social in the early stage of death

During the early stage of death a person takes very less eatables. You can’t force a person. If the person wishes, he or she will take the eatables otherwise not. Due to change in sleeping cycle, he or she may ask foods in the night and remain busy in sleeping during the day.

During the first stage of dying process, a person may become less social. He or she wish to stay keep quiet and also wishes others the same.

The duration of first stage of dying process may be of few hours, few days or few weeks it varies person to person.

Need calm and peaceful environment in the middle stage of death

The middle stage of death

Lack of control on urination and excretion in the middle stage of death

During the middle stage of death, a person increases the duration and intensity of all the things that are common in the first stage of death.

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Head ache in the middle stage of death

Under the dying process of this stage a person becomes more peaceful and wishes others to stay calm. The person never interested to talk much.

Person may have less control on urination and excretion. Sometimes, the person tell to go for urination and excretion before proper time and sometimes not. The person feel shy when he or she urinate on the bed.

Sometimes the person may complain of headache and the person wants more attention of the family members. He or she wants sympathy of all the people surrounds him or her.

Legs pain in the middle stage of death

The person may complain body pain and particularly legs and wishes to take massage on the body and legs.

Confused mind in the middle stage of death

During the end of middle stage of death a person may feel confusion about the environment, day and night, and people surround him or her.

Change in breathing pattern in the middle stage of death

Breathing pattern of the person seems changed. Sometimes the person takes breath in a speed and some other time takes breathing slowly.

Dimmed hand lines in the middle stage of death

It is also observed that some the people faded his or her palm lines as the person proceeds advanced stage of death. The closer to death a person the more faded palm lines.

Increase pain in the middle stage of death

Slowly body pains increase and the person starts to complain more and more about the bodily pains.

Hallucinations in the middle stage of death

In the middle of stage of death variety of hallucinations started. He or she regularly complains that someone else is there in the room. As the person proceeds to the death, the intensity and frequency of the hallucinations increase more and more.

The duration of middle of stage of death lasts from few days to few weeks generally.

The last stage of death

A person can’t see his or her nose

In the last stage of death the person unable to see his or her nose tip.

Change in ears in the last stage of death

Ears of the person become tilt backward side. From the front, you can see only upper portion of the ears.

Low pulse in the last stage of death

Pulse rates start to become low day by day.

Less blood pressure in the last stage of death

Blood pressure become down, hence a person remains in sleeping mode all the time.

Less oxygen intake in the last stage of death

Oxygen intakes become lesser and lesser. Due to less oxygen intake, other problems arises such as taking more time in recognizing family members. Sometime, the person becomes unable to recognize even his or her sons and daughters too.

Less urine in the last stage of death

Intensity and quantity of urine both reduces extremely or even the person feel no need of urination and excretion.

Dark color urine in the last stage of death

Sometimes, the color of the urine becomes darker means dark yellow or dark brown.

Constipation in the last stage of death

Constipation is very much common in the last stage of death due to less or almost no eating and drinking water.

Less temperature 95 96 97 in the last stage of death

Body temperature reduced day by day rapidly. Hands and foots seems cold all the time.

Forgetfulness in the last stage of death

It is very common in the last stage of death. The person completely forget everything such as family members, and all his or belongings.

Meeting with dead people in the last stage of death

Seeing and chatting with dead people become very common. Person responds very less when his or her name called by near and dear. Person become indifferent towards the environment

Throat Dryness in the last stage of death

Due to less eating and drinking his or her throat becomes dry and also he or she never asks for water.

Seeing dead ancestors frequently in the last stage of death

Chatting with dead ancestors becomes common. Either the person sleeps or consumes more time in chatting with dead ancestors.

( In fact, there is a spirit world which is more permanent then this physical world. When a person dies and moves to the spirit world his ancestors already present in the spirit world become happy and start to welcome this new person. The death is not a painful event but a pleasant event if you are an honest, pure and divine person otherwise it become stressful.)

  • Stop taking water and other liquids
  • No control on body movements
  • No consciousness about saliva, urine, etc.
  • No consciousness about atmosphere day and night
  • No consciousness about environment and people surrounded
  • No response when called to take water and other things.

Forgetfulness in the last stage of death

The person forgets everything whether husband, wife or children. Other signs are-

However, this is very difficult to mention exact scenario about the signs found in the stages of death. It varies person to person. All the death sings mentioned here are based on experience. No one can predict the exact duration of a death stage, it varies case to case basis.

  • Greediness
  • Selfishness
  • Attachment with your family members and other things
  • Be truthful in life
  • Be honest for your soul
  • Collect good work as much as possible, etc.
  • Trust on the decisions of almighty God

In fact all the stages of death, its duration, and sufferings all these already present in the subtle body and surface at their right time. All this is decided through the past life Karma and the karma of the recent life.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful death, leave following things as early as possible in your current life -

Be clear in your mind, you came alone in the world, alone you pass your life journey, and alone you have to go from the world. You came in this world just to pay past life debts only. So, don’t collect more debts here.

Leave all the desires, be peaceful while living in the physical body. No one is yours here. All the relations are full of selfishness.

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