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  • Scorpio is the sign of first and last sign of the “Kaal Purush”
  • Scorpio is the most mysterious and secretive sign of the system
  • Scorpio is the debilitated sign of Moon Planet
  • Scorpio is the sign of Mars planet
  • The element of Scorpio is water
  • The symbol of Scorpio sign is Spider

Scorpio Personality Traits

How much you will be agreed with the traits given below it depends on the degree of the moon planet in your horoscope and the degree of the ascendant sign in the horoscope.

  • Scorpio is the most indecisive and unbalanced sign
  • Easily influenced by their surroundings
  • Selfish
  • Brave and fearless
  • Good friends
  • Unforgettable nature
  • Very emotional
  • Jolly
  • Intuition power
  • Introvert
  • Loyal in love
  • Ready for help people
  • Stubborn
  • Very good researcher
  • Unpredictable sign
  • Close to father
  • Follow their mind only

Scorpio is Unbalanced

Scorpio element is Water which never remains still. The same traits are found in Scorpio women and Scorpio men.

Easily influenced by others

These people easily influenced by the company they line in.

Selfish by nature

They are a little bit selfish kind of people. Always think about their benefits before doing anything in life.

Brave and fearless people

They are very determined once take a decision. After deciding they never deviate from their destination.

Good friends

They are true friends. They are ready to work for the friends and work for the friends in their needs. However, they generally make less friends in life.

Unforgettable nature

They never forget and forgive the people who once hurt them. Never hurt Scorpio people. Scorpio is the sign of spider. Spider bite is dangerous.

Very emotional

Scorpio is very emotional people. So, treat them with great care.

Jolly by Nature

Pleasing personality JOLLY with full of sense of humor.

Good Researcher

They are very good research expert in research in depth.


Rarely discuss their experiences but if like someone or find a person on same frequency as their are, they discuss only that which is essential to convey their thoughts.


Influencing personality, magnetic people. They are very magnetic and easily influence others.

Good intuition

They have good intuition power. Easily guess what is going to happen in their life, in others life and in the surroundings

Very Close to father not to mother

They are close to father but not have good tuning with their mother.

Scorpio in love

Impatient people in love this hurt them in life. They easily start love with the person after a few talks and meetings.

Secretive by nature

Secretive people generally until not open before someone but if open they said everything and every detail of their heart innocently.

Sexual Sign

This is the most sexual zodiac sign in the zodiac system. The reason is that this is the sign of private parts or the sign of 8 thhouse.

Scorpio follow their Mind

They hear all but they always do of their heart and mind. So if they hears you, never trust it they 90 percent they will not do according to you.

Strongly Stubborn

They are deeply stubborn kind of people.

Unpredictable Sign

This is The most unpredictable zodiac sign. No one can understand them in any way. Nothing can be said about them what they will do and what they will think further in life.

Favorite Color of Scorpio

Red and dark pink is the main color of the Scorpio

Their Friends

Cancer (Kark) and Pisces (Meen) signs are their good friends.

Lucky Number of Scorpio

9 Number is connected with the Scorpio sign

Scorpio Personality Traits Positive and Negative

Negative Biggest secret of life

If in case they suspect on a thing or a person they never change this kind of opinion about the person. They continue to suspect on them.

Positive secret

They are most loyal person. Whether friendship or love they always remain loyal for their friends, for their beloved and also for their words.



Life coach, counselor, healer and editor of a website lifeinvedas.com. Please visit website www.lifeinvedas.com email: lifeinvedas@gmail.com www.lifeinvedas.com

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Mamta Rajshree

Mamta Rajshree

Life coach, counselor, healer and editor of a website lifeinvedas.com. Please visit website www.lifeinvedas.com email: lifeinvedas@gmail.com www.lifeinvedas.com