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Mamta Rajshree
5 min readMar 28, 2023


Duck in dreams — Duck symbolizes innocence, independent nature, selfishness, greed and stubbornness. Seeing duck in a dream is common and its interpretation depends on various factors such as-

  1. Color of a duck in dreams
  2. Size of a duck in dreams
  3. Cultural values about a duck
  4. Timings of dreaming a duck
  5. Emotions of a duck and dreamer
  6. Job and profession of the person
  7. What else present in the dream

Some common interpretations of dreams seeing a duck are discussed here-

Spiritual meaning of duck in dream

Duck means your current desires to do something unique and wonderful to rise high in life. It indicates your inner desire to do something new so that people recognize you and appraise you.

Killing duck in dream

If you kill a duck in a dream it means you have some guilt in your mind and you are hiding that guilt from the people. It shows your inner thoughts of hiding something from the friends and family members.

Someone else killing duck in dream

If you see that someone else is killing duck in a dream, it means that you are worried about your family members. You want to save someone from the threats that may occur in the near future.

Eating flash of duck in dream

Seeing someone else eating flash in a dream means that people have great expectations from you and you are doing a lot of work to please others.

It also means that you need mental peace and rest to energize yourself.

It also means that people use you and take undue advantages of your simplicity and humble nature.

If you see that you are eating flash in dream, it means you are doing a lot of hard work in your life and not caring your health. If so care your health too and take rest accordingly.

Feeding ducks in dream

It is a good dream it means that you are satisfy from your life and also from the people that surround you.

It also means that you did a lot for others and now the time to spend some time on you and your life.

If you see that someone else is feeding ducks in a dream, it means someone needs your support and guidance to come out from the problems.

Dream of chatting ducks

If you see that ducks are chatting in dream, it means that people jealous you and don’t like your success. People want to demoralize you and want to down you.

If this is the case, avoid the company of such kinds of people. Stay with positive people to be successful in life.

Dream of mother duck and its ducklings

Seeing a mother duck with its ducklings is a good dream. This kind of dream ensures you that you have all that are needed to be a good parent.

If you are worried about your kids and see the dream it means your kids are out of danger and you should not worry about your children.

Dream of a pet duck

Seeing a pet duck means that you are feeling trapped in a situation which you don’t want. You are feeling suffocation but could not deny the task in which you are involved.

Duck flying in dream

If you see that ducks are flying out of the pond with its kids, it means a good indication for your coming life. It indicates that soon you will take an important decision about your home or profession and you will get positive results of your decision.

Hunting ducks in dream

If you see that you are hunting ducks in your dream, it means soon you have some challenge that you have to overcome to be successful in life.

But if you found yourself incapable in hunting the ducks it means you will not be successful in overcoming the challenges.

Dream of swimming ducks in water

Dream of seeing ducks swimming in a pond means changes and challenges in life. But all these challenges and difficulties are good for you. After sometime you will be comfortable and feel good.

Dream of diving duck or ducks

If you see that duck are diving in water it indicates that you will be successful in all your endeavors but how much time it will take, is not clear yet. But sooner or later you will get what you wish.

Dream of ducks walking on earth

Dream of seeing ducks walking on the earth is not a good dream. It indicates a tough time in life. It means you are not comfortable in life. You are feeling trapped and wants support from someone who can give you right advice to come out from the difficult situation.

Dream of duck sitting in a nest

If you dream that duck is sitting in a nest but feeling lonely there. It means you need support of someone in life to come out from difficult time.

If someone else is there in the nest it means you have found your destination in your life. And also you found a person in life that is positive for you and ready to help you genuinely throughout the life.

Dream of duckling coming out of egg

If you dream that duckling is coming out of egg, it means some new idea is in your mind about your business. This new idea is good but you have to work hard to grow the idea mature and being successful in your life.

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