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Dreams about water Meaning — Dreams about Water is auspicious as well as inauspicious it all depends what kind of water you see in your dream. The source of water and color of water are also very crucial to interpret the dream correctly.

There are so many factors that play its role while interpreting a dream correctly because the interpretation of dream depends on your emotions, knowledge, thought process, your environment and your prejudices, etc.

This is why the meaning of dreams varies for person to person.

Common dreams about water and their meaning are discussed here-

Dreams about Water Meaning

Seeing rain water in dream is always auspicious it means you will get good news soon. This dream means happiness and prosperity in life. If you are involve in a task the dreams means your success is sure in the task.

Flood brings chaos in the life and creates disturbances all around. Seeing dream about flood water is not good. It means you may have difficult time soon. So, be conscious and serous while taking important decisions.

Dreams about water of a well

Seeing water coming out of well is a good dream. It means you will get wealth and money soon. It brings prosperity in life.

River and its water is always auspicious. It means soon your wish will be fulfilled. You will get more opportunities in life relater to money, job and business, etc.

Seeing water of sea is not good dream. It means tensions, anxiety, quarrels in family and profession. You may involve in family problems.

Seeing fresh and clean water is always good. Water is life and it is divine energy. Water is considered God in Hinduism. Water means end of all kinds of diseases and stresses. Seeing water in dreams means blessings of supreme power. You may free from long lasting diseases and troubles.

Seeing black and dirty water is not good. It means you may fall ill or someone else in your family may fall ill. Be conscious about your health and take precautions to stay away diseases.

A dream about flowing water is a good dream particularly flowing water of river. Such kind of water is always fresh and sweet. It means happiness in your life.

Dream about water of snow is a good dream. It means happiness and blessings of divine power.

This is auspicious dream if you see water around a Shivalinga. It means end of your problems. This is blessings of Lord Shiva.

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