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Pipal tree in English and other languages

Pipal tree in English Ficus religiosa and in Sanskrit Ashvattha. Vasudeva, Chaitanya, and world tree.

Peepal tree oxygen

Peepal tree is the only tree that produces Oxygen day and night which is the Pran Vayu, essential to survive for nature and beings.

Advantages of Peepal tree

Peepal tree or Ficus religiosa is used in traditional medicines for about more than 50 types of disorders such as asthma, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, gastric problems, inflammatory disorders, infectious and sexual disorders, and much more.

Importance of peepal tree

Peepal tree has huge importance for all the creatures. Its all parts leaves, bark, and fruits are consumed in so many diseases to get fast and permanent relief.

Peepal tree for skin and beauty

Peepal tree life is useful to look young and smart. It is anti-aging.

Peepal tree for Skin and Eczema

Peepal tree for Cracked heal

Take extract of Peepal leaves and apply on the cracked heal to cure the cracks. Milk of Peepal tree leaves is also good to cure cracks of heal.

Peepal tree for loss of appetite

  • Take ripe fruits of the Peepal tree and consume them to improve your appetite. Peepal fruits are good for so many other diseases also such as vomiting, burning sensation, and blood disorders, etc.
  • As an alternate remedy collect Peepal fruits and make powder.
  • Add some Hing, Ajwain, and black salt. Consume one teaspoon of powder twice a day after meals daily to cure loss of appetite.

Peepal tree for stomach ache

Take two to three leaves of Peepal tree, grind them, and mix some jaggery. Consume them to cure stomach ache.

Peepal tree for asthma

Collect Peepal bark and make its powder. Particularly, take the inner part of the bark. Also, take ripe fruits and dry them.

Peepal tree for infertility

Peepal tree is good for women who need a child. To cure infertility disorder consume soft and fresh stem of Peepal leaves in the morning empty stomach.

Peepal tree for Acidity and Guess

Consume two to three Peepal leaves in the morning to cure guess and acidity.

Peepal Tree for Snakebite

Extract of peepal tree leaves is good to remove the poison of snake bite.

Peepal tree for heart blockage

Take three leaves of a Peepal tree. Remove it’s back and forth corners and wash with fresh water.

Peepal tree for diarrhea

Collect soft stems of Peepal tree, coriander seeds, and sweet sugar, in equal amounts and mix them well.

Peepal for Stammering and other Speech Problems

Collect Peepal’s fruits and dry them. Make their powder. Consume half teaspoon powder with honey.

Peepal Tree for Jaundice

Get the juice of three to five leaves of the Peepal tree and give it to the patient with sweet sugar. Follow this for one week to cure Jaundice.

Peepal tee for eyes pain

Take milk of Peepal leaves and apply on the eyes to cure the pain

Peepal Tree for Women Infertility

Take three to five green, soft and fresh leaves. Separate its soft stem and clean it properly. Consume it daily to cure the infertility problem.

Peepal tree for toothache

Peepal Tree for Cough and Cold

Make Peepal leaves tea. Add two to three leaves in a glass of water.

Peepal Tree for Anxiety and Stress

Peepal is rich with antioxidant properties. Consume two to three leaves daily to remove stress and anxiety.

Peepal tree for home

Peepal tree is considered very sacred, but still, it is forbidden to be planted in the house.

Peepal Leaf Side Effects

Never consume anything before and after consuming peepal leaves to get the complete effect of the herb.

Peepal tree for Marriage

What does a Peepal tree puja for marriage mean?

  • If the horoscope of the girl is showing widowhood, the girl is first married to a peepal tree particularly on Krishna paksha of Chaitra month or Krishna Tritiya of the Ashwin month.
  • In olden times the widow girls were made to married a peepal tree and then they were allowed for remarriage.
  • If the marriage house in a birth chart of a girl is afflicted by the planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Ketu, and Sun, then the girl should worship a Peepal tree for a successful and happy life.
  • People can get happiness in married life by worshipping a Peepal

Which God lives in the Peepal tree?

Why the Peepal tree should not be cut?

It should not be cut because it is a sacred tree. All the trinity Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva present in the tree.

Can we water a Peepal tree in the evening?

No, only in the morning

Can we eat Peepal leaves?

Yes, it is good to eat because it removes so many diseases from your body.

Why not sleep under a Peepal tree?

Benefits of Worshiping Peepal Tree

The peepal tree is a sacred tree. It has huge benefits when you worship it. To remove day-to-day life problems you can worship a Peepal tree.

Benefits of lighting Diya under Peepal Tree on Saturday

Peepal tree is worshipped to remove so many life problems. The lilting lamp below the Peepal tree removes life problems. Worship Peepal in the following ways to remove life difficulties and problems

  • To be rich and prosperous Light a lamp below the Peepal tree on Saturday
  • If you are suffering from the problem of getting respect from the people and society, light a lamp of pure Dessi ghee below the Peepal tree on Sunday.
  • In order to get respect and reverence from society and people, offer sweet milk in the root of the Peepal tree.
  • If there are conflicts and quarrels in the home it means Guru Brihaspati is not happy with you. To remove the problems offer a mustard oil lamp below the Peepal tree.
  • If there are relationship problems in life it means you need the blessing of Lord Shukra. To solve the problem light a mustard oil lamp and pure ghee lamp both below the Peepal tree.
  • If you want to please your departed ancestors offer water in the root of the Peepal tree with a copper pot.
  • If you want Moksha, offer water to its root with a copper pot.
  • Offering water to its root pleases Gods and Goddess. It gives health, wealth, and prosperity to your life. Because all the GODs live in this tree. Lord Brahma in the root, Lord Vishnu in the middle of the tree, and Lord Shiva in the top part and the leaves.

Myths about Peepal Tree

There are a lot of myths about the Peepal Tree. It is believed that the Peepal tree is a shelter of spirits and ghosts. The truth is that the whole universe is full of ghosts and spirits.

Is Peepal Tree dangerous?

  • Never cut the Peepal tree as it may be dangerous for your life and family.
  • Never light a lamp after 8 PM below the Peepal Tree. It is said that poverty comes after 8 PM on the Peepal tree so it is harmful to light a lamp and worshipping after 8 PM.
  • Never disrespect

What is the lifespan of Peepal Tree?

The life span of the Peepal tree is between 900 and 1,500 years.



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