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Mamta Rajshree
3 min readApr 16, 2023


Spiritual Person

Spiritual person means a person who believes in supreme power, who trust in divine energy and who trust in truth and honesty.

Not only trust but a spiritual person is one who lives the life full of divine traits such as truth, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, deep thinker, and who understands others, etc.

Spiritual Person Characteristics

Spiritual person possesses following characteristics-

  1. Speaking good that heals
  2. Fearless
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Truthfulness
  5. Rich knowledge base
  6. Know divine and its beauty
  7. Illusion less
  8. Loving and kind hearted
  9. Detachment from the things and people
  10. Karma yogi
  11. Know the purpose of life
  12. Inner Peace
  13. Don’t like Gossips

Speaking good that heals

Spiritual person speaks healing words only. They never boosts before you, but they speak that heal people.


Spiritual person is fearless. Spiritual person speaks truth hence, never fear. Such kind of person efforts to speak only that divine likes and which is against the divine they avoids to speak.

Rich knowledge base

Spiritual person not necessarily learned one, but they have self knowledge which is derived from the divine oneness. Such kind of person generally not a great reader of spiritual books and Vedas, because merely reading of spiritual books never make a person spiritual but makes his or her ego strong and make him or her egoistic.

The knowledge derived from the divine makes a person ego less, humble and kind. Because this knowledge is direct realization of spiritual practices not a learning of spiritual books and Vedas.

Know divine and its beauty

Spiritual person know divine and lives a divine life. The difference between spiritual person and the divine is only for others. In his mind a spiritual person knows that he or she is inside the divine. Spiritual person lives into the divine and divine also lives into a spiritual person. Both are one only but appear two for the world.

Illusion less

All the illusions of a spiritual person removed diminish with the blessing of almighty God. The whole puzzle of life and death is solved for such kind of person.

This is the ego which makes us separate from the divine. When this ego dissolved with grace of God a new person born which is pure and pious.

Loving and kind hear-ted

Spiritual person sees almighty God inside and outside everywhere. Hence, he becomes kind for every creature of the nature.

Detachment from the things and people

Spiritual person remains detached from all the things however, takes parts in each and everything but never involve in this world.

He remains attached only with the divine power. Spiritual person is a karma yogi in true sense.

Karma yogi

Karma means action and yoga means united. Karma yogi is a person who does action without the desire of fruit. Such people do the action for the betterment of humanity.

Know the purpose of life

Spiritual person knows the root cause of his or her incarnation in the human body. He knows what kinds of pending debts he has to pay in this world. What kind of learning he has to do in the world. Everyone comes on this earth for a certain purpose. Such as to fulfill certain desires to pay past life debts, etc.

Inner Peace

Spiritual person enjoy inner peace. However, they sometimes said due to worldly people but the divine seated inside him or her immediately heals the person and directs the person for his or her further journey. Spiritual person remain under the guidance of divine hence no reason of any kind of chaos in the mind and in the life.

Don’t like Gossips

Spiritual person never waists time in gossips, but consume time either in some important things or enjoy the company of divine or like minded people.


Forgiveness is a very important virtue to keep you safe from any kind of future debt. Forgiveness heals you and others both.

Forgiveness is a wonderful practice that helps you to remove any kind of soul level joining with anyone.

If you keep grudges in your mind and let them mature throughout the life and die with the grudges. In the next life you have to come again with the corresponding person to balance the energy, says the law of karma.

Hence, never keep anger against anyone in your mind, forgive everyone

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