11 Signs — I have Deep Spiritual Connection with Someone

Mamta Rajshree
3 min readMar 12, 2023


Spiritual Connection with someone — In this whole life journey we have gone through a variety of relationships. We have parents, siblings, and other relations that come in our life by default due to some kinds of debts.

But there are relations that you make knowingly and unknowingly such as friends, life partner, teachers, divine teachers, etc. Sometimes some of these relations come in life due to past spiritual connections, while some come and go in this big life journey.

Relation, that comes in the life and stays in the life forever such as your life partners, divine guru guides and friends. These people join you due to deep spiritual connection.

There are some specific signs related to these spiritual connections that are discussed below-

Signs of Deep Spiritual Connection with Someone

Feel positive in the spiritual connection

If you feel extremely positive in the company of someone, it means this relation is spiritual and you are not meeting first time in your soul journey but you have some deep connection with the person from past lives.

In this relation you feel yourself complete and you want to meet the person again and again. If you touch the person you feel positive and also you feel extreme peace in the company of this relation.

Blind faith on these spiritual connection

If you have blind trust on someone it means you are connected to that person from past lives. You have never doubt on that person. You follow that person blindly and deeply it all means that you are spiritually connected to that person.

This is not easy to trust on a person in this materialistic world. But on someone you trust without giving a second thought it means you have deep spiritual connection with that person.

Emotional security

If you feel yourself completely secure in the company of someone it means you have spiritual connection with that person. You never hesitate in visiting even at lonely place with that person it means you are connected with that person from past lives.

Sharing deep secret

If you feel bad and disturbed if you hide something with someone and want to share every secret with that person it means you have deep spiritual connection with that person.

Deep connection

You feel deeply connected with someone and talk without saying a word it means this is a deep spiritual connection.

This kind of connection is beyond the materialism, physical attraction and physical relation. This kind of relation is divine blessing hence, always care this spiritual connection.

Feel energized

Whenever you come contact with such type of connection you feel motivated and more energized than any other relations it proves you are under pure spiritual connection.

Feeling of giving not taking

You feel to give more and more in this kind of relations and never expect to take back anything; it means you have spiritual connection with that one from past lives.

No Physical Proximity

There is no craving of physical proximity. It doesn’t matter whether you are physically near or very far, but you feel always connected with that person. There is a heart to heart connection no requirement of physical meeting.

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