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Universe is a cosmic power that is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Cosmic energy or almighty God always guide us in various ways to keep us align with the positive energy.

Universe sends secret signals to direct you in right direction. If you are in the same pace as the universe wish, you feel happiness, peace and positivity throughout your life.

Universe signs are in various forms such as intuition, numbers, thoughts, nature, animals, music, dreams, etc.

Signs from universe

Signs from universe — Intuitions and Synchronicity

Sometimes you feel intuition for happening something and the thing occurs it means you are aligned with the universal wish. Variety of incidents occur in which your intuition become real.

  • You recall someone and the person comes before you.
  • You want some food and someone brings the same food for you.
  • You are thinking about your friend and immediately his or her call comes to you, etc.
  • You are suffering from some problem and solution comes to you.
  • Sometimes you feel that what you are doing is wrong, but you don’t have any logic to prove the thing true. Immediately or latter, you see a video on the same topic and you get the answer.

It means universe forcing you to be correct but you want logic behind that. Now the universe forces you to see the video to correct yourself.

These types of incidents occur in your life many times. The result of all these things is that universe/God/ angels / etc, wants to correct you to make you happy.

Signs from universe : Angelic number 22:22, 222, 22:2:2022

If you are going to start a new job, task, project, relationship, partnership, etc. and see these (22:22, 222, 22:2:2022) angelic number, it means you are on the right path and universe is with you in this new initiative.

You can see 22:22, 222, 22:2:2022 angelic number on various ways such as in your watch, mobile phone, and sign boards, etc. There are various ways how the universal power guides you to make you on the right path.

Signs from universe : Guidance via Dreams

Variety of dreams come in your sleep daily, some are useless but some have deep hidden message for you. Universal power guides you through dreams too.

Dreams related to universal guidance are recurrent. These dreams come many times to guide you. Sometimes these dreams come in various ways until you understand their correct meaning and correct your style of living.

For instance if you are devotee of Hanuman, you may see monkey in dreams that giving you some directions. If you are devotee of Goddess Durga, you may see a Lion or Tiger directing you in the dreams.

Similarly, if you have trust on Lord Shiva you may see Shivlinga, Bull, Snake, Shiva’s temple, Shivlinga and Ganga river, tree, nature, etc. in the dream saying something to you to make your life better.

What you see in dream and which type of guidance you get in dreams, it all depends on your trust, your actions, your culture, etc. Because all your trust, culture, environment and devotion trained your subconscious mind and accordingly you will get the guidance from the universe and universal entities.

Signs from universe: Troubles and obstacles in life

Troubles and obstacles come in your life just to teach you only not to torture you. The biggest school is this world that teaches you in various ways to make you learned and make you capable to live a better life in all the ways.

This life is a prison and you are prisoner. Some specific life with so many types of constraints, and dos and don’s is given to you just because of your past actions. Now, again, one more chance is given to you to correct your life. Today’s action is your future destiny.

So, always a chance is offered to you to write your destiny according to your wish. Every time you write your destiny yourself with your hands. Universal power never interrupts in your free will. You are always free to write your future in your ways, but the condition is that you have live the present life according to the text that you already written in your past lives through your actions.

Same as occur in the prison. In the prison you have to live a life under the condition imposed on you due to what you did already and simultaneously, new chance is there to make your life better. If you performed better under the imposed conditions, your punishment period is reduced; sometimes you are rewarded also due to your better work.

Signs from universe: Pains, illness and suffering

Illness and pains come in your life just to teach you and to make your life better. Illness, troubles, pains, sufferings, loss of loved one, accidents, etc all are incidents come in your ways to make you more mature.

Never take things so seriously, never weeps, don’t be stressed the whole life series is dream one after another again and again. You are not less than the supreme power, you are yourself the universal energy.

If you somehow remove your layer of “I” or ego, the universal power starts to shine in your physical body too. As you see in the cases of Jesus, Sai baba, Guru Nanaka, saint Kabir, Mother Meera and many more.

Some more signs of Universe: How God speaks and leads you?

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