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Mamta Rajshree
2 min readJun 5, 2023


We all have gone through so many past lives one after another infinitely. Impressions of all the past lives remain present in your sub conscious mind. Past life regression mean traveling in the past life memories.

These memories are present in your sub conscious mind. You carry all these memories with you in your future lives. Therefore, any time you can easily recall them under the guidance of expert of the past life regression.

There are some interesting facts about the past life. If you are planning to go for the past life session you can go through these facts to remove anxiety about the past life regression therapy.

Past life regression clear your doubts about the law of karma

When you go through under the past life regression session you understand and realize clearly that what is going on currently in your life it is all your past action.

In the present life you are enjoying the fruits of your past Karma and also accumulating new karma that will unfold in any other future life.

Past life regression start your spiritual journey

Knowing the truth of life, you become more pure, divine and truthful. This therapy makes you a real human being and inculcates divine virtues in you.

Past life regression clear all your present doubts

Past life regression clears all your doubts about your current relationship issues. Why someone always does against you and contrarily you are always favored by someone. It is all due to your past life Karma.

Past life regression removes your fears

Many times you suffer from various kinds of fears such as

  • Fear from water
  • Fear from fire
  • Fear from loneliness
  • Fear from darkness,
  • Fear from animals, etc.

Any kind of fear such as fear from water, fire, animals, etc are resolved through the past life regression therapy.

Past life regression release your guilt

Sometimes you live your life with some kinds of guilt, but you don’t know exact cause of guilt. Past life regression therapy gives you clear insight about your guilt.

Past life regression therapy heals chronic diseases

Past life regression gives you healing from disease such as Asthma, PCOD, nightmares and infertility

Past life regression therapy heals your mental pains

Past life regression therapy gives you answers about the following questions-

  • Why you are so poor
  • Why you are suffering from rejection in society and family
  • Why you are alone in your life
  • Why you don’t have any caretaker in your life and so on
  • Why you are so ugly and nobody likes to sit with you
  • Why everyone use you and leave you alone
  • Why you don’t have life partner
  • Why you are suffering from hidden spiritual disorders, etc.

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