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Taurus Personality traits are highly influenced by its lord planet Venus, element earth and the moon.

Taurus is the sign of Venus Planet. Venus is the planet of love, affection, fragrance, care, luxuries and beauty, hence Taurus people are also like luxuries, love and peace in life.

Taurus is very nice, good and peaceful sign. Taurus people don’t like conflicts and quarrels in life.

The element of Taurus sign is earth. Earth makes such people static and peaceful. They love and care the people those are in their surrounding.

Moon is exalted in Taurus this is why they are extremely ambitious and it makes them very compromising in life.

Taurus Personality Traits

Hidden Secret Taurus Personality Traits of are as below-

Taurus Anger

Taurus man and woman are very unbearable in terms of anger. If they annoyed they become dangerous for everyone. Their anger is like an horrible fire.

Taurus Personality traits represents energy — the energy of a Bull. Bull is very fearful when angry and the same is true for the Taurus people.

Taurus is static and immovable sign

Taurus man and woman are very static in all the aspects of life. They don’t like change in life in any part of life whether job, place, home, etc.

They never change jobs repeatedly. They want to stay a place for a long time and enjoy this habit.

Taurus Respect and Regards

They are very serious to give respects others, women and elders. They care relations and friends and enjoy this.

Fond of pleasure in life

The lord of the Taurus is Venus. Venus is the planet of beauty, style and luxuries. Due to the impact of Venus these people fond of style, smartness, and luxuries in life. They effort to enjoy a peaceful and luxurious life.

Collection Money

They like to collect money in life. They know how to make money from money. They want to spend less and enjoy collecting money.

Taurus Jobs

Taurus people are Social worker, jewellery maker, govt worker, etc.

Lethargic and restful

This is the negative part of Taurus personality. They are lethargic and restful and enjoy this life.

If Jupiter is bad than they fond of sex in life and if Jupiter is good they are good manager particularly in the field of learning and education.

Skin problems and breathing problems are very common in their life.

Secret and Hidden Personality traits that they never accept are as below-

Deep shy by nature internally

Taurus man and woman are very hesitating people internally, however they never reveal this habit before others and never accept it.

Revengeful people

Never do against them because they never forget if you do anything against them. They try to take revenge also and always recall the revenge.

Self less people

Taurus are very nice and very sacrificing kinds of people, however seems selfish but they are very self less kinds of people. This is if why sometimes they are very good social worker.

Very comfortable with family and friends

Taurus love their family and friends. They always ready to do anything for their friends and family members.

Taurus in Love

Taurus are Over and extremely possessive people in love. They can’t share their love with anyone.

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