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Good Karma and Positive Energy — Play an amazing role in your life. What you are today and what you will be in future it all due to your habits, your karma and your behavior.

All this occur due to the impact of energy that we attract in the life. It also proved from your horoscope.

Planets are same and evergreen it is you that attract positive energy and negative energy time to time through the Karma that you did in the past and you are doing right now.

So, if you are suffering from poverty, loneliness, court cases, skin troubles, and diseases and similar troubles it is all due to your past actions that force planets to impact you positively and negatively.

But, if you somehow understand the philosophy of life and the law of karma you can still improve a lot your life and make your life better undoubtedly, says LAL KITAB, Vedas, Scriptures, etc.

Some small good habits are discussed here that can make you so good that you can attract positive energy, money, prosperity and happiness in your life from the planets particularly SATURN.

If you have done good in the past you will get grace of Lord Saturn. If you doing good now you will be blessed in the future. Similarly, if you have done something wrong, you will be suffered now and if you are doing wrong currently you will be definitely punished by the Lord Shani.

Some important Karma are discussed here which allow you to attract related energy from the Lord Saturn.

Never take credits of others work in order to attract positive energy of SATURN

Very often, people presents others work as the work is their. This is very wrong and never accepted by the Saturn. Never take the credits of others work.

It gives poverty in your life. It not only impacts your life but the life your dependents too. So, never do it. Work yourself if you want to get credits in life.

Give time to your children in order to attract positive energy of SATURN

Always take care your children. Particularly this is for father not for a mother. Father sometimes avoids their children remain involve in their friends and gossips.

When the child grown up and understand about the ignorance of father the child start to insult father, hate father and ignore father.

However, this is again wrong for the child and again the child have to face punishment from the SATURN. In fact, all this cycle of Law of Karma, no one can escape from the Karma.

Caring father attract positive energy of the SATURN

Never hate from your father. Never insult your father. It is not acceptable by the SATURN in any case. Doesn’t matter how correct you are, but will not be pardoned in any way if you insult your father.

So always take care your father doesn’t matter how wrong your father is, in order to attract positive energy of the SATURN in your life


Give and take Money on Interest attract negative energy from SATURN

You may have to suffer in life if you are involved in the business of giving money on interest to people. This is not a good habit according to our Vedas, Puranas and scriptures.

This is not related to the interest that you get from the banks. But this is particularly, related to the people who involve taking money from someone and giving that money to the other person on high interest. This kind of work is not considered good.

Saturn is the lord of justice and Saturn doesn’t like it. Later or sooner such kinds of person face troubles in life.

Illegal Sexual relations attract negative energy from the SATURN

Planet Saturn never likes the people who keep illegal relations with women. If a person involve in such kinds of relationships has to face severe troubles in life due to the anger of planet Saturn.

Later or sooner in this life or in the other life you have to face the same and have to suffer severely. Never involve in such kinds of relations.

Karmas never forget a person, they chase the person and give the same experience to the person so that the person can understand how painful to bear this.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not good it creates serious problems in life. Lord Saturn never pardons such people and punishes them particularly if people drink alcohol during the fast, festivals, and other auspicious days (Poornima, Amavasya, Akadashi, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.)

Lord Saturn is the supreme judge he always does justice.

Hurting Widows, Old people and Handicapped

Never hurt widows, aged people, your parents and handicapped. If you do so, be ready to face the punishment given by Planet Saturn.

Widows, aged helpless people and handicapped people are the most favorite of the SATURN. Never make fun of such kind of people. Never insult them and also never hate them.

They are suffering due to their Karma, you are no one to behave badly with them.

Saturn never bears this and punish the people who involve in these activities.

Don’t make fun of temples, GOD and Goddesses

Never make fun of gods and goddesses and religious places. It is never accepted by the planet Saturn. If you do so, you will be punished later of sooner by the Lord Saturn.

You are trapped the illusion due to your Karma, you cannot understand the supreme energies, God and Goddess. So, never make fun of them.

Gambling attract negative energy from SATURN

Playing gamble is sin it destroy you, your life and family. It is never pardoned by the Lord Saturn. Such people suffer in life a lot same as the Pandavs suffered in the Dwapper Yuga.

Avoid Unnatural Sex causes in order to attract positive energy

Unnatural sex is a sin and punished by the Lord Saturn. Never indulge in these activities.

Insulting parents and teachers

Never insult parents, teachers, gods and goddess in any case otherwise you have to suffer.

False witnessing and Speaking lie

False witnessing and lie are always punished by the lord Saturn. Never give false evidence against the truth, against the true people. It is a sin and it will destroy you one day.

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