11 Dog facts — interesting facts about dog as a pet

Dog facts — Dog is a mysterious animal. sometimes, keeping dog as a pet is good as it makes its owner rich and prosperous. But in some cases dog may create trouble for its owner. Owner of a dog may be trouble in crises due the dog presence.

So, before taking decision of keeping a dog as a pet take advice from some good astrologer and expert of red book.

According to many religions including Hinduism keeping a dog in a home is not considered good. According to red book ( Lal Kitaab) a dog is associated to planet Ketu.

If you take care a dog and feed a dog daily, you will attract positive vibes from the Ketu planet. Feeding and serving dog keeps ketu planet good and you get prosperity in your house.

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Interesting Dog Facts

Feeding and serving dog daily stay you free from accidents and accidental problems. It protects you from negative energies. No negative energy can touch you if serve a dog particularly a black dog and white and black dog.

Dog can see and smell subtle energies. All kind of subtle energies stay away you and your home if take care and feed a dog daily. Serving and feeding dog is a wonderful remedy of Ketu planet. If you are suffering any problems related to planet Ketu, keep a dog as a pet and take care the dog make Ketu planet happy.

If you are suffering problems due to the planet Saturn, keep a dog as a pet and care the dog with a good heart. It will remove all the problems that are with you due to the planets Ketu and Saturn.

Dog not only solve the problems related to ketu and Saturn but it also remove the problems related to the Rahu planet. Offer a bred daily to a dog after pasting them oil. It attract positive vibes from the Ketu, Rahu and Saturn.

If you are suffering from the absence of children in your home, take a black dog or a black and white dog, and serve the dog. Give good food to the dog and also take care the dog with good heart to get a child in your house. This remedy also keep your children healthy.

A person suffering from Kaalserp yoga, should keep a black dog and take care the dog to solve the issues related to Kaalserp yog.

Dog who is black in color or white and black in color is considered a lucky dog if it has 22 nails. Such dog is a direct image of Planet Ketu.

Mysterious facts about dog

Dog is the most faithful animal for its owner or master. Black dog or black and white dogs are considered good. Such dog sometimes forecasts future too through its gesture and body language.

Dog can see and sense ghostly energies. Black dog keeps away all the ghostly energies from the house. It also protects your house and members of house from ghostly energies.

Dog prevents you from so many diseases such as anxiety and depression. Stomach aches and bone related diseases are automatically cured if you keep a dog in your house.

Serving and feeding Dog makes you rich and prosperous. Serving a Black dog improve your business and remove all the problems related to work place.

Barking of dogs day and night is not good it is a symbol of negativity all around, particularly if the dog is healthy and not suffering from any health issue.

If dog barks and rotates around you and around your home, is not a good sign. Take it seriously and find the reason. It forecasts future problems.

Weeping sound of dog is highly injurious for you and the members of the family where such events occur. Take it seriously and find the remedy.

Dog is called an ambassador of Lord Yama. Your food items must be away from the sight of a dog otherwise the food is not good to consume.

If you are going for a good work and a dog comes In your ways it means obstacles may be there in fulfilling the work.

Feeding and caring dog make a person fearless. It removes the fear of enemies.

Accoding to scriptures Mahabharta, once Yudhister was asked to go to heaven. Yudhister wants dog to go to heaven with him. But it was denied by the angels. Angels said you can’t go to heaven with the dog.

Dog is not an auspicious animal to keep it in a house. Keeping dog as a pet in a house ruins all the results of good work. It removes all the results of virtuous acts time to time celebrated in a house. Presence of a dog and the sight of a dog ruin the result of all good work.

Hence, in Hinduism keeping a dog inside a house is not an auspicious task in any way. However, it is good to feed a dog, to care a dog and serve a dog but always keep the dog outside from your house. Make a separate house to keep a dog.

Cow is good inside a house but keep dog, crow and ants outside your house to stay good and healthy.


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